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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1411

After a few words with Hans, Amber called Sallie, and Sallie hung up quickly.

Hans was restless and called Henson. Henson learned that there was a conflict between the show crew and Sallie, and Estelle had also gone there, so he also felt the situation was getting serious.

“Do you think Estelle might be bullied?” Hans asked worriedly.

Henson thought for a moment, then suddenly laughed, “Don’t overthink it, man. I’ll find someone to help her out!”



When Henson called Jonathan, he was in the middle of training his staff. Jonathan glanced at his phone, waved his executives away, then picked up the phone.

Henson cut to the chase, “Estelle is being bullied. Can you give her a hand?”

“What?” Jonathan's expression turned serious instantly.

“Estelle is in Moonbrook. If you still have feelings for her, you’d better hurry over!”

“Why on earth is she in Moonbrook?”

Jonathan stood up and walked out as he asked.

“It’s a long story. Just go there, there's a reality show being filmed there, look for Estelle.”

Jonathan was clueless.

Estelle wasn't on a movie set. Why would she be in Moonbrook filming a reality show?

Without time to think, Jonathan hopped in his car and drove straight to Moonbrook.


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