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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1412

Jonathan's ride pulled up at the makeshift office of the show's crew. He got out and went straight in.

Heather was shocked to see Jonathan, she couldn't believe it and her face was filled with surprise.

"Mr. Lamont, what brings you here? You could've just given us a call!"

Carmella and Sallie were also looking at Jonathan, all with surprised faces.

Sallie was filled with unease, and she wasn't sure if Jonathan was here to back up Carmella or Estelle.+

Jonathan glanced at everyone present and asked, "Where's Estelle?"

Sallie quickly responded, "She's inside, talking to the director."

Jonathan headed inside.

Carmella watched Jonathan's back and asked Heather, "Do you think Jonathan will really help us?"

Heather confidently replied, "Of course! It was Mr. Lamont who called the TV station to get the show to back me up! Yvonne's influence is definitely bigger than Estelle's!"

At first, Heather and Hattie thought Estelle was Jonathan's niece, but then they found out Estelle was just a tutor.

And Yvonne and Jonathan were childhood friends, and Heather felt she had a stronger backing!

Carmella remembered the last time Jonathan went to the MacClain family to support Estelle and felt uneasy, and she asked Heather to follow Jonathan to see what was going on.

After considering, Heather caught up with Jonathan and went with him to see the director.

As soon as they entered, Heather cheerfully said, "Director, producer, Mr. Lamont is here!"

The director and producer both stood up, looking surprised at Jonathan. Their faces changed, "Mr. Lamont!"

The producer hurried over to shake hands with Jonathan.

"Why did you come in person? We're talking with people from Snowy Studios. Don't worry, and we'll definitely have Heather and Mr. Gellar working together."


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