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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1416

Jonathan whipped up a bunch of grub, and Charlie popped open the hooch he brought.

Like always, everybody was grubbing and gabbing together, but the mood was kind of heavy because Jonathan and Estelle seemed off.

Even Emily picked up on the weird vibes.

When Jonathan stepped out on the balcony to take a call, Emily furrowed her brow and asked, "Estelle, what's up with you and Jonathan? You guys have a spat?"

Estelle took a swig of her drink, not saying anything.

Charlie poured Estelle another drink and said gently, "I've been around Jonathan for years. I know he really loves you. You two have been through a lot together. Don't let small stuff mess with your relationship."

"Only those who've been through it can really understand love," Estelle said, her lips pressed together.

Emily asked, "So what happened?"

Estelle said, "I'll tell you when I've calmed down a bit."

"Estelle, your love for Jonathan is the only love story I believe in. You two have to make it!" Emily looked worried.

Charlie shot Emily a glance and joked, "Emily Sullivan, did you ever think about how I'd feel hearing that?"

Emily laughed, saying, "Do you even know what love is?"

Charlie felt a bit miffed.

Jonathan came back shortly, and they all dropped the subject, just eating quietly, and only Charlie and Emily cracked jokes from time to time.

After dinner, Estelle went upstairs, and Jonathan followed suit.

They walked upstairs together in silence. When they reached the top, Estelle headed straight for her place, but Jonathan grabbed her arm.

"Have you made up your mind?" Jonathan looked at her.

Estelle looked down, her eyes cold and distant.


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