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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1417

The two agreed to meet at a café near the film set. Half an hour later, Estelle saw Janice rushing in.

After their meet-up, they exchanged pleasantries. It was only after the waiter served their coffees and left that Janice smiled and asked, “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important when I called you out of the blue.”

Estelle chuckled, “Not at all; I was due for a break anyway.”

Janice, looking at Estelle's meaningful smile, said, “I heard about you and Jonathan from the grapevine. I called him, and he confirmed it. You guys really kept it under wraps!”

Estelle looked embarrassed. “It’s been a roller coaster ride; we didn’t deliberately keep it a secret. I hope you understand.”

“I have no complaints. After all, we are going to be family!” Janice said it with a warm smile.

Thinking of her current situation with Jonathan, Estelle felt a pang of bitterness and kept quiet.

Janice’s smile faded a bit. “I just got back home last night, and Henson mentioned some misunderstanding between you two. Have you guys patched things up?”

Estelle shook her head slowly and said, “It’s not just a misunderstanding; we have some issues.”

Janice blinked. “Let me show you something.”

As she said this, she pulled out a bottle of medication from her bag and asked Estelle, “Do you recognize this medication?”

Estelle took a look and frowned. “This is my medication for my optic nerves; how do you have it?”

Janice looked at her calmly and said, “Jonathan has been taking this too.”

Estelle was shocked. “What?”


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