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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1418

Janice quickly explained to Estelle, "Jonathan asked us not to mention this to you. After you came back, you would need to take this medication for two years. He no longer kept the medicine at home but brought it all to the company, probably afraid you would find out."

Upon hearing this, Estelle felt weak, and her mind was a whirl. It was as if she were experiencing that heart-wrenching pain again.

Seeing Estelle's pale face, Janice quickly said, "Estelle, I didn't tell you all this to make you feel bad for Jonathan. I just want you to understand how much he loves you. He even risks his life for you. What can't you guys sort out if he has gone this far for you?"

Estelle felt a suffocating pain in her heart. After a while, she managed to respond, "I understand. Thank you for telling me this, Mrs. Harper."

Janice looked at her tenderly and said, "I hope you can call me sister-in-law soon!"

After saying goodbye to Janice, Estelle returned to the film set, still shocked by Janice's words.

During the two years she was away, she and Jonathan lost all contact. Jonathan didn't look for her, and she thought their feelings had faded and Jonathan no longer loved her.

It took a month to treat her eyes, using the medication every ten days, three times in total. Someone from Helgen Biopharmaceutical would come each time to inject her with the medication and record the process.

So, it wasn't just about keeping records; Jonathan was keeping an eye on her from afar.

In these two years, he always knew where she was and what she was doing.

After her eyes were healed, she didn't return home. Only then did he make a deal with Gwen, using Gwen to force her to return.

She had to admit that it was because she saw the entertainment news in her home country and found out Jonathan was dating Gwen that she used the excuse of accompanying Emily to return from Oakdale City to J City.

She never admitted it to anyone; even when Manley suspected, she was unwilling to admit that she still had feelings for Jonathan.

She lied to everyone, but she couldn't lie to herself.


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