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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1422

Wade turned to leave, first heading to the kitchen, where Dr. Ollie was pouring the brewed medicine into a bowl. He quickly walked over and said, "Let me bring the medicine over!"

Dr. Ollie nodded and said, "Wait till the medicinal soup cools down a bit, then let Mr. Jarvis drink it. I'll go get ready; in half an hour, I'll give Mr. Jarvis his second injection."

"Got it!"

Wade carried the medicinal soup out of the kitchen. As he crossed the courtyard, he looked back and saw Jonathan standing in the corridor, his figure steady as a mountain. This sight gave him a sense of reassurance.

Upon returning to Mr. Jarvis' room, Estelle turned her head and asked, "Is the medicinal soup ready?"

"All set!" Wade handed the medicinal soup to Estelle.

Estelle tested the temperature, then began to feed the soup to her grandfather, spoon by spoon.

Just as she was about to finish feeding the soup, Wade spoke up, "Miss, Mr. Lamont is here."

Estelle paused, turning in surprise. "He's here? Where?"

Why would he suddenly come over?

"He's in the back corridor. He's waiting for you there and asked me not to tell you he's here," Wade said quietly.

Estelle blinked, feeding the last few spoonfuls of soup to Mr. Jarvis.

After hearing what Janice had said, she had a lot to discuss with Jonathan and a lot to ask him, but with her grandfather suddenly falling ill, she had no time for anything else.

Now, all she hoped for was for her grandfather to wake up soon. Everything else was unimportant.

Estelle set down the bowl, her gaze returning to its usual calm. "Mr. Wade, please show him to the guest room to rest."

Wade replied, "I've suggested it, but Mr. Lamont refused to go. He insisted on waiting for you, waiting for the master to wake up."

Estelle frowned, glancing out the window and biting her lip. "Then let him wait!"


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