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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1425

"I'll show you later; now let's go visit Grandpa," Jonathan said.

"Grandpa is probably sleeping again; let's visit him when the sun's up. I'll take you to rest for a bit."

"To your room?"

"So you’ve been to my room already?" Estelle glanced at him and said, "And you have the nerve to ask me about it!"

Jonathan laughed, saying, "Yeah, when you're not around, I sleep in your room."

Estelle knew it would be something like this. With a faint smile on her lips and her eyes shimmering, she grabbed his wrist and led him towards her room.

Jonathan followed her; at this moment, his eyes and heart were all on her.

Back in the room, Estelle first walked over to the bedside cabinet, opened the bottom drawer, and took out two large envelopes, both of which were property deeds with her name on them.

One was for Villa del Sol, the other for another villa.

Estelle looked at him and said, "Why are you giving me so many houses?"

Jonathan walked over, kissed her cheek softly, his eyes full of love, and said, "Don't you love houses? Then I'll give them all to you!"

Estelle remembered that when they first started dating, he thought she was intentionally getting close to him and asked her what she wanted, and she said a house.

Even though she explained it later, he still remembered it, never forgetting.

Estelle put the property deeds back in the drawer, smiling, "I'll take these as wedding gifts then!"

Jonathan's gaze deepened. "You sure know how to say thanks."


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