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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1427

Estelle held Mr. Jarvis's hand tightly and said, "I'm not just worried; I'm scared out of my wits. I've talked to Dr. Ollie; we're taking you to the hospital for a full check-up today."

Mr. Jarvis immediately frowned and said, "I'm as fit as a fiddle; what's the need for any check-up? They'll find something wrong even if there's nothing."

Jonathan joined in: "I've given the hospital a heads up; we can start as soon as we get there. All the tests will be in the same place; it won't be a drag."

"The moment I step into a hospital, I smell that particular scent and start getting headaches. They might find something even if there's nothing."

Mr. Jarvis said this while giving Dr. Ollie a knowing look.

Dr. Ollie chuckled: "If Mr. Jarvis doesn't want to go to the hospital, we won't. I used to check up on him once a month; I can make it every ten days now, along with some medication, so that yesterday's episode doesn't repeat."

Estelle had to compromise: "If you don't want to go to the hospital, we won't. But you’ve got to listen to Dr. Ollie and take your meds on time. Don't throw them away behind Mr. Wade's back, unless you fancy giving me another scare."

Mr. Jarvis held Estelle's hand and grinned, "Don't worry, Wade will make sure I take my meds."

Estelle finally relaxed. "Grandpa, what do you fancy for breakfast? I could whip something up."

The room went silent at her words.

Jonathan patted Estelle's head and said, "You didn't sleep a wink last night; you should rest. The kitchen's already on breakfast."

Mr. Jarvis looked at Jonathan and said seriously, "Estelle's perfect, except her cooking's a disaster; you’ve got to bear with that."

Jonathan smirked, saying, "You're too harsh. We have cooks at home, and even if we didn't, I can cook; there’s no need for Estelle to lift a finger."

Estelle sat at the head of the bed, listening to them discuss her terrible cooking skills; even Dr. Ollie was chuckling. Embarrassed and angry, she decided to up her cooking game; sure, she could do it!

Mr. Wade came in with newly brewed medicine, and Estelle took it from him.

Mr. Jarvis scrunched up his face at the smell of the medicine and refused, saying, "I feel fine; I don't need this."


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