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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1428

"What?" Estelle looked up, puzzled.

"I came home last night to find all your stuff gone. Thought you'd left me again," Jonathan murmured, stroking her eyebrows and eyes, his gaze filled with love. "For a moment there, I thought my heart had stopped."

Estelle felt a pang in her heart. She lowered her gaze, admitting, "I admit, I was overthinking these past few days. Especially seeing Yvonne sleeping in your bed, it really got to me."

"I know; it's my fault!" Jonathan was quick to reply. "I've had the bed replaced already."

Estelle was taken aback, then she broke into a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Jonathan's eyes were twinkling, and his lips curled into a smile. "Wait till we get back to J City; I'll show you."

Estelle was all smiles; her eyes curved into crescents.

Jonathan loved the way Estelle laughed. He couldn't help but lean down to kiss her lips tenderly and passionately.

Worried someone might pass by, Estelle quickly pushed Jonathan away.

"Let's go for a meal."

"Sure thing!" Jonathan cleared his throat, took her hand, and they walked through the courtyard and corridor towards the kitchen.

After the meal, Mr. Jarvis needed to rest. Estelle only left his room after he had fallen asleep.

She and Jonathan had been up all night, so they went back to their room to catch up on some sleep.

Estelle suggested Jonathan sleep in the next room, but he adamantly refused. He promised he wouldn't disturb her, he just wanted to hold her while they slept. Nothing more.

Estelle couldn't bear to be apart from Jonathan, so in the end, she invited him back to her room.

However, it turned out that men's words couldn't be fully trusted. When his peck turned into a full-blown kiss and then moved down her chin, Estelle knew she shouldn't have given in.

"Jonathan, I'm feeling dizzy," Estelle murmured, hugging his arm and resting her forehead on his shoulder.


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