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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1430

Jonathan instantly shot down Estelle's idea: "Don't be cooking up crazy ideas; the wedding's happening no matter what."

"Okay, okay!" Estelle rolled her eyes at him. She took Mr. Jarvis's hand and said, "Mr. Jarvis, you don't need to worry about my wedding. Just focus on getting better; that's the most important thing right now. As long as you're well, I'll listen to you."

"I know my own body best; I reckon I can stick around with you guys for another thirty years or so. Don't worry about me." Mr. Jarvis's face was filled with a warm smile.

Estelle nodded. "You better keep your promise!"

"I'll be here to hold you to that," Jonathan chimed in.

Mr. Jarvis laughed heartily.

Hearing his boisterous laughter, Estelle felt her anxiety ease.

Mr. Jarvis was recovering swiftly. By the third day, he was already out of bed, sitting in a chair, playing chess with Jonathan.

On the fourth day, when Mr. Jarvis decided to go for a hike, Estelle stopped him at the door.

Mr. Jarvis turned to Jonathan and said seriously, "You two should head home; aren't you both supposed to be busy?"

Jonathan simply smiled and said, "I just do as Estelle says."

"I Can't believe the CEO of the Lamont Group is whipped; you've got none of Geoffrey had back in the day!" Mr. Jarvis grumbled.

Jonathan remained unfazed; "I can’t help it; you are too formidable. I'm more scared of you, really."

Mr. Jarvis couldn't formulate a response. That sneaky Jonathan was just like Geoffrey, always turning the tables.

No matter the banter, as long as they could keep Mr. Jarvis at home, it was all good.

In the end, Mr. Jarvis didn't go for his hike but instead went back to his chess game with Jonathan.


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