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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1431

The chess match was heating up, and a showdown between the two sides was about to break out.

Suddenly, Estelle's phone started buzzing on the side. Jonathan furrowed his brows, about to switch the phone to silent mode, when Estelle suddenly came to. She was still a bit groggy, reaching out to grab her phone.

Estelle, leaning against Jonathan's leg, unlocked her phone to see a message from Sallie.

"Estelle, did you catch the TV show yesterday? Amber and I bagged first place."

Next was a laughing emoji.

Estelle, clear-eyed, responded with a smile, "Congrats."

She'd been taking care of Mr. Jarvis these past few days and had forgotten to watch Sallie's show, but it seemed like the results were to Sallie's liking.

Sallie replied, "Mr. Gellar is amazing. Everyone online is talking about his hand-embroidered roses. Have you seen it? He made it to trending topics first thing in the morning."

Estelle had already expected this.

Mr. Gellar had a unique embroidery style. Each rose in his hand-embroidered piece took two days to create, each one different and lifelike, a sight to behold. No one else in the country had such a skill.

She knew that as long as Mr. Gellar appeared on the show, it would stir up a buzz.

Estelle opened Twitter, and sure enough, Mr. Gellar's name was still on the trending topics list with comments full of praise.

There were also a few comments supporting Carmella.

[Anyone else think Carmella's designs were stunning? My eyes lit up when I saw them!]

[Yes, I loved the outfit Carmella designed for Heather Vang. I hope they release a knockoff soon, because I'd definitely buy it. Her designs are perfect for everyday wear!]

[I think Sallie only won because of Mr. Gellar's influence. Without his hand-embroidered roses, Carmella's designs would've won.]

[Yeah, I feel the same way!]

Estelle flipped through the comments without much thought, then continued scrolling through the rest.


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