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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1433

Over two years have passed, and everything here was still the same old; even the park bench hadn't budged an inch.

People were feeding pigeons on the square; some were flying kites; the sun was about to set; but the laughter still kept the world alive.

Jonathan leaned on the chair, turned his head to Estelle, and grinned. "C'mon, spill the beans. How many times have you fooled me?"

Their first visit here was due to a collaboration with Schilder. They came to the Jarvis family looking for that pair of bracelets. That was also their first time on this square. Back then, Estelle told Jonathan that her home was not far from here.

The second time was on Christmas; they video-called, and Estelle was sitting right here. But she still didn't tell him that she was back with the Jarvis family.

A bit awkwardly, Estelle grimaced, "At that time, you were hell-bent on breaking off the engagement with the McClain family. How could I tell you?"

The setting sun shone on the handsome man's face, and he smiled. "So you're saying I screwed up?"


Jonathan stared at Estelle and said, "If nothing went wrong later, when were you planning to come clean?"

"Actually, I was always on the fence about whether or not to tell you." Estelle pondered.

She enjoyed the tranquility with Jonathan but was worried that telling him the truth would change their relationship.

Jonathan held Estelle's hand in his palm, whispering, "You're right, it's my fault. I made you doubt, so you didn't tell me the truth."

Estelle leaned on Jonathan's shoulder, looking at the soon-to-be-red clouds.

"The fact that we could get back together was fate's doing, but we spent so much energy doubting it."

"I've never doubted anything." Jonathan's hand circled around her shoulder, gently stroking her hair.

Because it wasn't fate's arrangement but his own efforts, how could he doubt his own efforts?

Estelle looked up, her bright eyes quietly looking at him. "Jonathan, you're tougher than me."


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