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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1432

Estelle gave an understanding look, recognizing the girl's slightly familiar face, and gave a small chuckle and nod.

The girl had become the store manager, and she had upgraded Estelle's small ice cream to a large one for free. She cheerfully said, "This one's on me. Hope to see you again."

Estelle accepted the ice cream, thanking her with a smile.

Just as Estelle was about to leave, two girls by the door were staring at Jonathan, who was sitting on a bench by the street, whispering.

"He's so hot!"

"Such a great aura; is he a celebrity?"

"Nah, if there was a celeb that handsome, we'd definitely know."

"Let's try to get his number!"

"He looks so aloof, I don't dare!"

"Just give it a shot; what if he's our Mr. Right?"

"Alright, let's do this together; no chickening out!"

Estelle slowed her pace, listening to their conversation and looking at Jonathan through the glass window, the scene feeling oddly familiar.

She turned around and walked towards the two girls.

Just as the girls were about to approach Jonathan, they saw Estelle coming over and looked surprised.

"Do you think that guy over there is hot?" Estelle asked with a smile.

The girl in the denim dungaree dress blinked and nodded. "He's hot!"

"Thanks, how about his girlfriend buying you some ice cream?" Estelle said, smiling. She then ordered and paid for two more ice creams using her phone.

The girls quickly realized and said embarrassedly, "No need, we were just joking. We didn't know he had a girlfriend. We're really sorry!"

"It's alright; thanks for complimenting him!" Estelle laughed, picked up her stuff, and left.


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