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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1435

In the past, Catherine was always nice to Estelle, but Estelle lied to Catherine.

Alcott and Geoffrey both stood up, and Geoffrey said with a smile, "Let Estelle sit down first; you're making her uncomfortable."

Catherine led Estelle to the sofa, saying, "Come, sit next to me!"

Estelle looked up to see Henson giving her a meaningful smile, which made her feel even more awkward.

Catherine, sitting next to Estelle, enthusiastically handed her fruit and coffee, then, as if remembering something, she ordered the housemaid, "Estelle likes sweets; bring over the cheesecake we just made."

Across from them, Jonathan joked, "Mom, don’t fuss so much; Estelle is already nervous enough; you're just making her more flustered."

Estelle gave Jonathan a look, signaling him to be quiet.

Janice chimed in with a laugh, saying, "She's been here so many times; she should be used to it by now. Jonathan, stop fussing!"

Everyone laughed.

Geoffrey asked Estelle, "We heard Mr. Jarvis is ill. Catherine and I just found out today and were planning to visit him in C City tomorrow, but when we called, we found out you guys were back."

Estelle replied gently, "Mr. Jarvis is better now. Thank you for your concern."

"Call him dad!" Jonathan teased her.

Estelle's face turned red, but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

Catherine comforted her with a laugh, saying, "Give Estelle some time to adjust; no rush; let her get used to it."

Geoffrey then asked, "When are you guys planning to have the wedding?"

Catherine added, "The sooner the better; they're already married; they should have the ceremony as soon as possible."


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