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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1436

Everyone was having a blast, and the atmosphere was super chilled and happy.

Every now and then, Estelle and Jonathan exchanged glances, the playful twinkle in his eyes making Estelle smile uncontrollably.

Who would've thought that the Lamonts would accept her so easily, putting up with all her past secrets and not even questioning her original motives for coming to the Lamont family?

None of them made her feel uncomfortable or awkward.

Geoffrey, Catherine, Alcott, and Janice were so thoughtful and sweet that they warmed Estelle's heart.

After a bit of chit-chat, Jonathan glanced at the clock and said, "Ella's been on the road all afternoon; I'll take her upstairs to rest; we'll be back to hang out with you guys later."

Catherine smiled kindly and said, "Go on, I was so excited to see Estelle that I forgot you guys just got back. It was a long journey; you guys must be beat. Take her upstairs to rest. I'll call you down when dinner's ready."

"Sure thing."

Jonathan replied, standing up and taking Estelle's hand.

Estelle felt a bit out of place in front of the Lamonts, but after a moment of struggle, she couldn't pull away. She turned her head to casually wave goodbye to everyone and followed Jonathan upstairs.

Once they were upstairs, Estelle let out a sigh of relief.

"Still nervous?" Jonathan asked with a smile. "I told you, my family loves you. They'd probably marry us off right now if they could."

Looking up at Jonathan, Estelle sincerely praised, "Geoffrey and Catherine are really nice!"

"They're your family too!" Jonathan replied with a gentle smile.

Estelle looked down, not responding.

Once they were in their room, Jonathan immediately pushed Estelle against the door, showering her with passionate kisses. "Ella, I missed you!"

Estelle frowned. "We've been together these past few days."


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