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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1440

"Zachary and that girl have been seeing each other for almost a month now. She works at a cultural company near the Movie Center, and after eating at this place twice, she found out she's from the same hometown as Zachary, so she started coming around more often. After some time, she and Zachary started dating."

Norah said with a laugh, "Mr. Flemmings has promised to cover the cost of Zachary's wedding and reception."

"Xavier has always been good to his friends!" Estelle exclaimed.

"Yes, he highly values his friendships. That's why Zachary and the others are so loyal to him." Norah's eyes sparkled.

Estelle was happy for Zachary: "I'll drop by the BBQ place this weekend to catch up with everyone."

"Great, everyone's been missing you!"

As they chatted, Catherine knocked and walked in, handing a wooden box to Estelle.

"Try it on, see if it fits."

"What is it?" Estelle asked, opening the intricately carved box to reveal a diamond bracelet.

The diamonds sparkled brilliantly under the light.

Mr. Jarvis was an antique collector, and Estelle, having seen some antiques, knew the bracelet was expensive. It looked like something Catherine had treasured for a long time. So Estelle quickly tried to return the bracelet to Catherine.

"This is too valuable; I can't accept it. You're too kind!"

"I'm not being kind!" Catherine took Estelle's hand and slipped the bracelet onto her wrist. "These were originally a pair. I've given one to Janice already; this one was always meant for Jonathan's wife."

Hearing Catherine's words, Estelle couldn't refuse: "Thank you, Mrs. Lamont!"

The elegant diamond bracelet fit perfectly on Estelle's slender wrist, adding to her grace and charm.

Hearing Catherine's words, Estelle couldn't refuse: "Thank you, Auntie!"

"It's so beautiful!" Norah took Estelle's hand,

She looked up jokingly and asked, "What will you give me when I get married?"

"When are you getting married?" Catherine laughed, saying, "You're already planning a wedding, and you don't even have a boyfriend!"

"Just have the gift ready, and when I find a boyfriend, I'll get married right away!" Norah said, her eyes twinkling, her face playful, so very cute.


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