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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1439

"Who said we were planning to stay at home?" Jonathan asked with a raised brow.

Catherine asked in surprise, "You two are already married; if you're not staying at home, where are you going to live? It was fine when we didn't know before, but now that we do, we can't let Estelle be wronged."

"I'm not being wronged!" Estelle shook her head instantly. "Where I'm living now is closer to the set; it's more convenient."

Geoffrey, however, butted in, "It doesn’t matter how far you live; we have a driver at home who can drop you off at the set."

Estelle could only helplessly look at Jonathan.

Jonathan said, "Ella and I don't plan to stay at home. After we get married, if she's up for it, we're planning to stay at Villa del Sol."

"You guys don't plan to stay at home? Living together would be so much fun." Catherine frowned.

Norah also asked, "Yeah, why not stay at home? If Estelle moved in, we could chat every day."

"Where is Estelle living now?" Janice asked.

"I'm living with a friend," Estelle replied.

Catherine was even more surprised: "Not staying at the McClain family?"

Henson scoffed, "Why would she stay with the McClain family? The McClain family doesn't even acknowledge Ms. McClain as their own!"

Everyone was taken aback. Catherine asked, "What's going on? Geoffrey and I were planning to visit the McClain family in the next few days. Considering we didn't know you guys hadn't broken off the engagement, we haven't seen each other in two years."

"No need!" Estelle stated in a quiet voice, "There's no need to notify the McClain family about Jonathan and me."

Catherine and Geoffrey exchanged glances, both a bit baffled.

"Estelle is a part of the Jarvis family; she has nothing to do with the McClain family." Jonathan's tone was icy.

Catherine was starting to get the picture; she knew Estelle had returned to the McClain family later on and that the McClain family had another daughter, Carmella. She surmised that the McClain family favored Carmella, their adopted daughter, and didn't treat Estelle well.

Catherine couldn't help but frown.

Their real daughter finally came home only to be neglected; what was the McClain family thinking?


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