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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1442

Estelle rolled her eyes playfully, chuckling under her breath, "Not too shabby!"

Jonathan's chest heaved in silent laughter. Then he flipped her over, pinned her under the sheets, and started kissing her.

Estelle knew him too well and was aware of where his kisses would lead. So she hastily pushed him away and said "Let's go for a run!"

Jonathan furrowed his brows. "I barely slept for four hours."

Estelle's ears turned slightly red. "Then, keep sleeping!"

"I was already sleeping, but someone kept staring at me and woke me up!"

Estelle rolled her eyes and said, "I'm off for a run. If you're not coming, I'll go with Norah."

Jonathan stretched out his long arm, pulling her back into his embrace. After another round of kisses, he got up to join her on the run.

The Lamont family mansion was surrounded by tree-lined paths. The air was particularly fresh in the morning, and the chirping of the birds was invigorating.

They jogged and paused intermittently, and by the time they returned to the Lamonts, the day had already broken.

Catherine had three sets of clothes sent over according to Estelle's size early in the morning. Estelle took a shower, changed, and joined the Lamonts for breakfast.

Catherine's attitude toward Estelle had warmed considerably overnight. Janice and Alcott had wholly accepted her, and Henson and Norah had long considered her family.

The warm atmosphere, neither overly enthusiastic nor cold, made Estelle feel more at ease.

After breakfast, Estelle said her goodbyes. Catherine told Jonathan, "You guys can live elsewhere, but you must bring Estelle back once a week. I want to see her."

Jonathan chuckled, "You forgot; she comes here to tutor Henson every week. So, we'll be coming twice a week instead."

Catherine suddenly realized, "I've been so scatterbrained!"

"We have to go now," Jonathan said.

Estelle also bid farewell to the Lamonts.


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