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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1444

"That's what you said!" Norah glared at him and said, "Don't you remember?"

Xavier racked his brains over what he had said to Norah before, feeling a bit irked: "My feelings towards her don't matter; I just don't want her to do something stupid!"

"Estelle isn't doing anything stupid; she knows exactly what she's doing!" Norah snatched his phone away and said, "You can't meddle in their business!"

Xavier retorted, "Fine, I won't contact her; now give me back my phone!"

"No way; I'm not sure if you'll sneak off and call her!" Norah stuffed the phone into her own jacket pocket and said, "You go back to sunbathing; I'm going to check on Zachary and the guys playing cards."

Xavier could only watch helplessly as she left, smug as a bug.

Zachary and the guys were still deep in their card game. When they saw Norah approaching, they made room for her.

Zachary, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, asked Norah while shuffling the deck, "Wanna play some poker?"

Damian immediately shot Zachary a stern look: "Boss said Norah can't play cards; don't stir up trouble!"

Zachary scratched his head, dropping his nonchalant act: "Oh right, I forgot!"

"You guys don't listen to him! I want to play; you guys teach me!" Norah spoke curiously.

"No one's going to teach you. The boss said, if anyone lets you play cards or drink, he'll kick them out!" Damian chuckled, pulling Norah up from her seat. "Come on, let's go to the supermarket and get you some treats!"

Norah scoffed, "I'm not a child!"

"Let's go!" Damian dragged her up, and they walked out together.

They headed towards a nearby supermarket, and after browsing around for a bit, they bought some popsicles and soda. Norah tried to pay, but Damian stopped her.

Norah complained, "It's not even that expensive; why are you being so stingy? Are you treating me like a stranger?"


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