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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1446

Xavier closed the door with a serious look on his face. "Norah, what's up with you? Luisa is Zachary's girlfriend; why are you always picking on her? What do you expect Zachary to make of all this?"

Norah bowed her head, silent. She didn't want Luisa to come to the BBQ joint for Zachary's sake; she didn't want Zachary to have a falling out with Xavier over a woman.

She could sense that the woman obviously had some twisted thoughts about Xavier. Being a woman herself, her intuition was usually spot on.

But she knew that no matter what she said now, Xavier wouldn't believe her; he would think she was trying to stir up trouble.

Xavier lowered his voice, trying to reason with her; "It was wrong of her to pick your flowers, but what can we do about it now? Besides, the flowers will bloom again, and I promise to take better care of them from now on."

What really ticked Norah off wasn't the roses; she said angrily, "I don't like Luisa; I don't want her to come to this joint."

Xavier was puzzled; "Why don't you like her?"

Norah bit her lip, remaining silent.

Xavier said, "If it's about those two flowers, I can compensate you on behalf of Zachary. Tell me your bank account number; I'll transfer the money to you now."

Norah looked up at Xavier in disbelief and asked, "Do you really think I'm this upset over two flowers?"

Xavier frowned at her and asked, "Then why are you making a fuss?"

Tears welled up in Norah's eyes as she looked at him with disappointment and anger. She took a deep breath and turned to leave.

"Norah!" Xavier called out before chasing after her.

In the living room, Norah stopped, pulled out Xavier's phone, turned around, and handed it to him. "I can't take it anymore and I don't want to see you again."

With that, she rushed off.

Xavier watched her retreating figure, rubbing his forehead, puzzled by Norah's sudden outburst.

At the end of the day, Jonathan came to pick up Estelle in his car.

After Estelle got in, Jonathan leaned over to help her buckle her seatbelt, then gently kissed her.


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