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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1447

"So what do you want us to do? We're dating. Are we supposed to check into a hotel?" Charlie chuckled with ease.

Emily lowered her head and said, "We could behave like every other couple."

Charlie watched her, amused. "You mean, we start with holding hands, kiss a week later, and then hit the sack after a few months?"

Emily's face fell slightly. "I know you've never had a relationship like that before. You're used to fast-food romance jumping into bed with anyone and then easily calling it quits."

Charlie held her hand and roared with laughter, saying, "I'm just messing around. Why so serious?"

Emily realized she might have overreacted and said sheepishly, "Sorry."

"I used to be a bit of a player, but now I want a serious relationship. Will you help me?" Charlie asked, smiling.

Emily turned beet red and bit her lip, saying nothing.

"Jonathan and Estelle are back. I've invited them over for dinner today. How about we discuss moving in together tomorrow?" Charlie patiently suggested.

"Estelle is back?" Emily was surprised, a smile spreading across her face.

Charlie pinched her cheek and said, "Don't look so happy; it makes me feel like I don't mean squat to you, like everyone else is more important!"

Emily thought to herself: if he meant nothing to her, why would she put up with him time and time again?

"Let's head home now!" Charlie said, leading her towards the door.

Emily pulled away, saying, "Don't let people see."

There were still many people left in the office at the end of the day.

Charlie looked disgruntled. "Why do we have to sneak around if we're dating?"

Emily leaned into him, teasing, "Because everyone knows to keep their distance from someone with a bad rep!"

Charlie was speechless.

An hour later, Jonathan and Estelle also arrived at Sunset Ridge. They didn't go home but came straight to Emily's place.


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