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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1448

Jonathan, with a joking smile, casually leaned back on the sofa, not saying a word.

Charlie quickly understood that Jonathan was intentionally pulling that face. He smirked and said, "A guy who could abandon his own kid. Even if he shows up, I've got nothing to worry about."

He didn't believe Emily would be dumb enough to still like a man with no responsibility. Nor did he believe she would take him back just because he reached out once!

Jonathan grinned. "What I mean is, before you criticize others, have you checked if you're flawless?"

Charlie looked at Jonathan; a sudden laugh broke out, but seriousness flashed in his eyes. "I think I may be a bit into Emily."

He used to be really casual about dating; if he liked her, they got together; if not, they split. Some exes even managed to remain friends after breaking up but he couldn't do that with Emily.

At first, he thought he was hurt and deceived by Emily; that's why he was repulsed by the opposite sex, wanting compensation from her.

He thought that once he got her, his feelings would slowly fade. But it didn't; he even found himself somewhat dependent on Emily. Her little apartment seemed to have endless charm to him and he looked forward to coming back here every day after work.

Today, when Emily said she didn't want to live together anymore, he even felt a little panicked.

Jonathan chuckled lightly. "Liking someone is just that. It's not something to be ashamed of."

Charlie smirked slightly. "I just don't want to end up like you, wallowing in self-pity."

Jonathan said, "So, be nice to Emily. Being good to her is being good to yourself."

Charlie raised an eyebrow. "Is this some kind of advice from experience?"


At night, after Estelle and Jonathan left, Charlie started to tell Kya a bedtime story while Emily went to take a shower.

Now, putting Kya to bed fell on Charlie's shoulders; Kya was dependent on him, and he enjoyed it.

As Emily finished her shower and was picking out her pajamas, a pair of arms wrapped around her from behind.


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