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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1450

At the Lamont family's, Catherine got up and greeted them as soon as she heard the maids' greeting. "Why are you only coming now? I've been waiting for you guys since this morning. Next weekend, you'd better show up a bit earlier."

Jonathan chuckled. "Can't we enjoy a lazy morning on the weekend?"

Catherine thought for a moment: "You have a point. Then you guys should have lunch and dinner at home."

She pulled Estelle by the hand towards the living room and said, "Don't rush off to teach just yet. I made some caramel egg pudding for you. I've been preparing it since this morning. Have some before you go off to teach."

"Mum!" Jonathan immediately pulled Estelle's hand back and said, "Let Estelle go teach first! Don't get too excited; we'll be coming back often."

Catherine still held onto Estelle's hand. "I've been waiting for her for days; can't you let me chat with her for a bit?"

Janice came over laughing, saying, "Estelle is already part of the Lamont family. Mum has always had a soft spot for her, since the moment she first saw her. If it were any other young lady, I don't think they'd be able to handle such an enthusiastic reception."

Estelle chuckled, "I feel pretty spoiled right now."

Catherine looked at her gently and said, "That's alright; you'll get used to it after a few visits."

Jonathan rubbed his forehead and said, "If you keep this up, I won't bring Estelle back anymore. I'll have Henson go to her place for lessons instead."

"You dare!" Catherine said angrily.

Janice sent a signal to Jonathan, put her arm around Estelle's shoulder, and said to Catherine, "Estelle and I have something to discuss. We'll let her keep you company for a bit."

Catherine finally let go: "I'll have the kitchen prepare some more desserts for Estelle."

As Estelle and Janice headed upstairs, she thought Janice's excuse to pull her away from Catherine was just an act. But to her surprise, Janice really did take her to the small garden on the second floor. She seemed to have something serious to talk about.

Once they sat down, Janice asked straightforwardly, "Estelle, is Norah dating someone?"

Estelle was taken aback. "I don't know; she never mentioned anything about it to me."

Janice wrinkled her brows and said, "She's been acting off lately. She used to work part-time on the weekends, but today she didn't go out. She's been in her room all day and looks like she got dumped."

Estelle only knew about Norah's past with Nicolas. After Nicolas was arrested, their relationship ended.


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