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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1878

Outside, the Macclains were a mix of surprise and excitement when they learned that Old Mr. Jarvis wanted to see them. They followed the butler through the yard in such a hurry that they had no time to attend to the scenic beauty of the garden villa along the way.

They trailed the butler to the study adjacent to the foyer.

Upon opening the door, the butler announced with respect, "Old Mr. Jarvis, your guests have arrived!"

Old Mr. Jarvis, sitting in his wing-back chair, set down his teacup and beckoned, "Come in."

The Macclains entered with due reverence. Terrence, the head of the family, was dressed sharply in a tailored suit, which exuded vigor. Yet, in the presence of Old Mr. Jarvis's imposing demeanor, he seemed somewhat diminished in stature.

Terrence extended his hand earnestly, "Old Mr. Jarvis, your presence in J City is truly an honor for us all. I regret not greeting you at the wedding yesterday. Today, I've brought my son and daughter to pay you a visit, hoping we haven't disturbed your rest!"

Bennett and Simone also wore nervous smiles, standing respectfully behind Terrence.

Old Mr. Jarvis remained seated, not rising to shake Terrence's hand, simply saying, "Have a seat."

Terrence, slightly embarrassed, withdrew his hand and attempted to make light conversation, "It's not often that you venture out, Old Mr. Jarvis. I hope you'll consider extending your stay in J City."

As tea was served, Old Mr. Jarvis inquired, "What brings you here?"

Terrence replied with a smile, "We've long admired you from afar and never had the chance to get close with you. Your visit to J City was an opportunity we couldn't miss; here we are, purely to pay our respects."

He then gestured for Bennett to present the calligraphy they had brought. Handling it with care, Terrence offered it to Old Mr. Jarvis, "This piece is created by a master calligrapher. Knowing your love for the arts, we brought it especially for you, hoping you'll accept it."

Old Mr. Jarvis glanced at the piece indifferently, "No need for such formalities. Speak plainly."

Bennett and Simone didn't dare speak; instead they just sat cautiously to the side, acknowledging that Old Mr. Jarvis indeed had a grand presence too overwhelming for the average people to bear.


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