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Find Me In Your Labyrinth novel Chapter 1901

After lunch, Estelle met up with Lambert.

Lambert eyed her white T-shirt and jeans with a slight frown. "That doesn't quite scream 'my date', does it?"

Estelle retorted, "I doubt anyone's surprised by the kind of dates you have!"

Lambert burst into laughter. "Why is it that everything you say is just so darn likable?"

He opened a small leather case beside him. "This is for you!"

Curious, Estelle peered inside and found the latest MP22 handgun, capable of holding 20 rounds and maintaining stable performance in both scorching heat and bitter cold. It was equipped with a self-illuminating aiming system for pinpoint accuracy even at night.

She picked it up, comforted by its cold touch, and nodded her thanks.

"Don't mention it. It's for my own peace of mind, too," Lambert said, extending his hand. "Here's to a fruitful partnership!"

They shook hands lightly. "Just make sure you play fair," Estelle said with a hint of warning.

"Play fair?" Lambert looked puzzled. "We won't have time for games, but if you're up for a bet, I can accommodate. I'm pretty good with cards. So far, my odds of winning are better than losing."

Estelle didn't want to engage in small talk. She inspected the gun in her hand and only when he finished rambling did she ask, "When do we head out?"

Lambert raised an eyebrow, "Now!"

He glanced at his watch and grinned. "To be precise, in three minutes!"

The two drove towards Zion, with Lambert at the wheel.


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