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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss novel Chapter 696

: Shocking Betrothal Gifts (3)

Suddenly somebody shouted, "Look, that isn't that Yun Luofeng's bodyguard?"

After everyone's line of sight shifted from the betrothal gifts, they landed on the man who walked in. In the moonlight, the man's black robes lightly rippled along with the breeze, making him seem respectable and domineering.

After he entered the lobby, his gaze was on Yun Luofeng and never shifted away. His heroic handsome face no longer contained his previous grim look, and his stiff lips even had a slight smile.

That man did not usually smile, but when he smiled it was too much for the eyes to take in. Immediately after, his superficial smile seemed to have disappeared...

Everyone had never seen such a scene where it was so moving when a man smiled. It was just like a hand had lightly scratched their heart, causing it to be unbearably ticklish.

"Master, the betrothal gifts have been delivered"

After Qin Yuan put down the betrothal gifts, he walked to Yun Xiao and spoke while cupping his hands in salute.


His way of addressing caused everyone who was still stunned to be shocked in awe. Their expression was as if they had eaten feces.

Yun Luofeng's personal bodyguard was the rumored Ghost Emperor?

Impossible! This was absolutely impossible!

If he was the Ghost Emperor, why would he come to the Yun Family to become a bodyguard?!

Furthermore, the Yun Family that year was not as powerful...

"Open the betrothal gifts." Yun Xiao slightly raised the corner of his lips and spoke.

"Yes, Master!"


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