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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss novel Chapter 697

Relying on Elder Rong's understanding of medicinal herbs, he merely needed to sweep a glance to know how many stalks of thousand-year-old medicinal herbs were there.

"However, among these herbs, the thousand-year-old medicinal plants aren't the most precious." Elder Rong sighed and he continued to speak.

What? The thousand-year-old herbs weren't the most precious?

Everyone shockingly looked towards Elder Rong, as if they wanted an answer from him.

Elder Rong snorted, "The most precious item is the tree sapling you all had looked down on! This tree sapling is not ordinary, but instead, is a legendary Bodhi tree sapling!"

"Bodhi tree? What is that?"

"It is said that the fruit of the Bodhi tree can supply an enormous amount of spiritual energy for spirit cultivators! If this tree were to bear fruit and one consumes all of it, even a sky-level cultivator can break through a rank."

As Elder Rong's words finished, the entire lobby became silent.

At this moment, everyone felt their heart beating extremely fast. They did not dare to a.s.sume as before that Yun Luofeng did not have a position in the Ghost Emperor's heart! If she did not have a position, why would he expend such a huge sum to gather so many medicinal herbs?

Yun Xiao slowly walked towards Yun Luofeng and knelt with one knee on the ground. Grabbing onto Yun Luofeng's hands, he brought it to his lips and lightly kissed her hand. Right now, Yun Xiao was just like a knight and the one standing before him was the Queen he wanted to protect throughout his life!

Witnessing the scene of Yun Xiao kneeling and proposing to Yun Luofeng, they were so shocked that their jaw nearly dropped out and all of them felt inconceivable. Yun Luofeng's strength was indeed powerful, but the Ghost Emperor was much stronger than her! However, at this moment, he had knelt before this young lady?

This... this clearly meant that he had abandoned all his dignity!


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