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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 128

And... action!

Like before, Mamie always found petty issues that made them retake the scenes.

The director wanted to call it a day, but Mamie insisted on continuing.

Agnes, in her down jacket, had to run after the car for miles. Her hair went from wet to dry, then back to soaking. But she stuck it out.

Justin filmed Agnes running with his phone and sent the video to Ivan, hoping for some help.

After watching it twice, Ivan immediately forwarded the video to Jared.

Jared was in a meeting with all the leaders and shareholders of the Tim Group.

Jared kept replaying the video on his phone, then suddenly stood up, slammed the table, and said, "Meeting's over."

Then he told his secretary Leo, "Leo, wrap up the meeting's minutes and email them to me."

With that, Jared left the meeting room.

The shareholders were flabbergasted.

Jared was a workaholic and had never left a meeting in progress, especially not one that was so important.

Leo was even more surprised. Standing next to Jared, he had seen the video Jared was watching. A little girl in a down jacket ran until she looked ready to pass out from the heat.

Jared's face suddenly turned serious, and he clutched his phone tightly.

About half an hour later, Jared showed up at Lakeside College.

At that moment, Agnes was on her 27th take.

Agnes knew Mamie was giving her a hard time, but it would affect the whole crew if she confronted Mamie.


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