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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 127

The story goes like this: Due to opposition from the Higgins family, Sarina, who lives abroad, sends her daughter Naomi to settle in the US with her younger brother Samie.

In today’s shooting scene, Naomi drives off with Samie, who's been drugged and is asleep, while Sylvia chases after the car.

This scene doesn't seem complicated, but since it's set at Christmas, the shooting scene should be winter.

The script describes Sylvia in a thick-down jacket.

But it's late July, and the weather is bloody hot.

When she put on the down jacket, Agnes felt like she was stuffed into a large furnace.

The director knew this scene’s harrowing and told her, "This scene isn't hard. Agnes, give it your best shot and aim for a one-take wonder."

Shooting began.

Naomi started the car, with Samie lying in the backseat.

The car had air conditioning, so they didn't need to worry about them.

The car started moving, and the filming equipment also moved along the rails.

Sylvia started chasing after the car.

After running just a few steps, Agnes felt sweat pouring down.

But at this moment, the director suddenly called cut.

Shooting stopped.

The director shouted, "Mamie, you're driving too fast. Let's do it again."

Then they started the second take.

After a while, the director called cut again, "Mamie, you're driving too slow; pick up the pace. Let's do it again."


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