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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Congratulations to the God of War

"Am I the heroin today?" Jayna said in disbelief.

The emcee standing in the center of the venue smiled and nodded to Jayna: "Yes, Miss Brown. You are the heroine today, the heroine of our Beijiang City, the princess of Beijiang City. The entire Hundred Cities Wedding, from the beginning of planning to the preparation. It's all done by Mr. Cliff for you..."

Jayna raised her head blankly and looked at Iwan who was standing on the high platform holding Emily. She kept silent for a long time, and her mind were too complicated to describe. No wonder Iwan didn't want to take her away in the past two days, no wonder he didn't want to go to get a marriage certificate with her yesterday afternoon. It turned out... It turned out that he prepared such a grand wedding for her once again.

Jayna froze, looking at the brilliant scene around her. She never imagined that Iwan would use a city to hold her this wedding. At this moment, she couldn't help crying...

At the same moment, Luis and Skyler who also changed their clothes and stood not far from Jayna, were widely opened their mouths, with their faces full of disbelief. Dawson didn't lie to them. It turns out that today is their daughter's wedding, and, moreover, she is the heroine of the entire Hundred Cities wedding! ! !

Luis's heart was trembling, but he still looked at Dawson who was standing aside in disbelief and asked, "Mr. Gill, can you tell me what's going on? What's Iwan's identity?"

Hearing this, Dawson stepped back automatically. When Jayna was standing at this grand wedding site today, Luis's status and position are no longer something he can treat as an equal.

Dawson bowed his head to Lius and said, "Mr. Brown, you can just call me Dawson in the future. Please but don't call me President Gill again. As for all this today, what is going on? What's Iwan's identity? Don't worry, it will be revealed soon. As Miss Jayna's father, you should now be well prepared. Later, you will take Miss Jayna to the red carpet and hand over Miss Jayna to Mr. Cliff..."

"Jayna... Iwan..." Skyler also hurriedly said.

Daisy Miller, the first lady of Pasoland City, took her arm and said with red eyes: "Sister, don't worry. All the answers will be revealed soon. Everything here is carefully prepared by Mr. Cliff for Miss Jayna..."

"Well... ok..." Skyler forcibly suppressed the infinite doubts in her heart and nodded. Under the leadership of Dawson, Luis began to walk towards Jayna.

There is no broadcast of the current situation at the scene, beacuse the signal is cut off in the entire venue at this moment, and photography is prohibited. Because Iwan didn't want everyone to see Jayna's gaffe. If there was broadcast, only Jayna's happy appearance can be broadcasted.

In the venue, Jayna was stunned for a long time before she regained her senses. The 1314 couples in the venue were all looking at her with blessings.

A gust of breeze blew, blowing the long hair on the side of Jayna's face and fluttering in the wind, and also blew away the tears on her face...

Jayna said in a choked voice, "Iwan, you...I..." Jayna wanted to say something, but at this moment she realized that she no longer knew how to say it.

After being silent for a long time, Jayna finally took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the deep shock in her heart, and said to Iwan, "Iwan, what's your real identity?"

When Iwan on the high platform heard the words, he paused. He put Emily on the high platform, and handed it over to several bridesmaids on the high platform to guard her. He took a deep breath and started to walk down from the high platform. As he walked down, the aura on his body far surpassed that of an ordinary God of War powerhouse. At this moment, he is like an unparalleled powerhouse, slowly descending from the air...

And at the moment when he started to walk down and his aura was fully released, on the left side of the venue, where the soldiers of the Temple of Heaven stood. Josh suddenly shouted at him, "God of War. Josh is here congratulating God of War on the wedding!"

Boom... In the next moment, except for Josh, the rest of the thousands of powerhouses in the Temple of Heaven all knelt down on one knee at this moment: "Congratulations on the marriage of the God of War!"

Around the venue, all the soldiers from the Central Territory brought by Josh were all facing Iwan who was walking down from the high platform at this moment, and knelt down on one knee with the overwhelming weather: "Congratulations on the marriage of the God of War!"

Outside the venue, nine Eagleshine teams and 20,000 soldiers knelt down onto the ground: "Congratulations to the God of War on the wedding!"

The soldiers guarding the Pasoland War Department knelt down onto the ground: "Congratulations to the God of War on the wedding!"


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