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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Princess of Pasoland City and Start of Wedding

Jayna squatted on the spot and buried her head deeply in her knees. She was trying hard to stop herself from crying. But she couldn't control it. She was kicked out of the Brown family over the years for having a child out of wedlock. Raising Emily alone had accumulated countless pains her heart.

Over the years, as a fresh graduate, she lived alone in a big city with a newborn child. No one had ever done so much for her, such a big thing, such a good wedding...

Jayna was shaking, desperately trying to suppress her emotions...

At this moment, all the hundreds of thousands of people in the entire venue were completely silent. Many people who didn't know Jayna's past had some doubts. And the people who knew what happened five years ago, watching Jayna, who was crying and breaking down at this moment, all fell silent. Many people were already blaming themselves for laughing at Jayna, attacking and insulting her online.

Jayna, who was crying, covered her emotions with silence...

The entire venue was extremely quiet. No one knew what to do next. Iwan, the God of War of External Regions of Dragon Kingdom, was still standing on the other side of the red carpet. With red eyes and a faint smile, he waited for his bride to vent her emotions. He quietly waited for his bride to accept all of this...

"My poor daughter..." On a high platform in the distance, Skyler couldn't help crying.

Luis was about to cry as well. He clenched his fists and shook violently. But he gritted his teeth to suppress the desire to cry.

At this time, Dawson, who had been standing behind Luis, quietly took a step forward and said to Luis, "Mr. Brown, it's time for you to appear. Today is Miss Brown's wedding day. Miss Brown and you should be happy and stronger, right? Lord God of War is still waiting there. As a rule, he couldn't come to comfort Miss Brown. But the wedding...is going on. Please suppress your emotions..."

After taking a deep breath, Luis nodded heavily in agreement with him. Skyler quickly wiped away the tears with her hands. She nodded to Luis and said, "Luis, bring Jayna to Iwan. Today is their wedding day. Let's stop crying. Jayna gotta marry her lover with a smile..."

Luis nodded and walked towards Jayna...

Time passed slowly. One minute...two minutes...five minutes, ten minutes passed. Jayna still couldn't get over her emotions. She squatted on the ground and even started to shake, as if she was about to pass out. At this time, people around the venue became anxious for Jayna when they saw that something was wrong with her. If Jayna passed out here, such a grand wedding would be a waste. Such a prosperous wedding covering hundreds of cities in the Central Region might never happen again. Because Iwan had already given Jayna such a surprise. Next time, she wouldn't be surprised again.

"Come on..." A bridesmaid behind Jayna, looking at Jayna who was squatting in front of her crying, meditated in her heart.

"come on......"

"come on......"

"come on......"

At this moment, as time passed, more and more people began to clench their fists and cheer for Jayna in their hearts.

At this time, Emily, who was still on the high platform, stood in front of a screen and looked at Jayna, who was squatting in front of the red carpet and crying. She hurried to the side of the microphone, looking at Jayna on the screen and shouting anxiously, "Mommy, come on! Hurry up and find Dad! Mommy, come on, come on, come on mommy, come on mommy..."

The silence of the venue was suddenly broken by Emily's heavenly voice. Emily's anxious voice echoed throughout the room.

The next moment, Scarlett and Jacey, who were standing behind Jayna, also clenched their fists anxiously and shouted to Jayna, "Jayna, come on!"

" Jayna, come on, stand up..."

At this time, Luis also walked to Jayna's side. He stretched out his left arm, looked down at his crying daughter and said, "Jayna, come on. Stand up. Iwan is still waiting for you there. Come on..."

The next moment, the emcee standing in the middle of the wedding venue picked up the microphone and said to Jayna with red eyes, "Jayna, come on!"

After that, the bridesmaids behind Jayna couldn't help but yelled at Jayna together, "Jayna, come on!"

Among the 1314 couples in the middle of the wedding scene, more than a thousand beautiful brides also shouted at Jayna: "Jayna, come on..."

Then, the atmosphere of the entire venue was ignited. More and more people started yelling at Jayna to cheer her on. The shouts spread out at a very fast speed from the middle of the wedding scene.

One hundred people, hundreds of people, thousands of people, tens of thousands of people... In the end, the entire hundreds of thousands of people who came to this wedding ceremony started yelling at today's heroine, Jayna. For a time, the voice resounded throughout the audience.

The next moment, the emcee played exciting music. The whole venue was filled with music and cheers.

Except for the 3,000 soldiers from Heaven Domain, all the people at the scene looked at Jayna in the middle of the venue at this moment. Hundreds of thousands of people outside the venue also watched Jayna through the large screens around them. At this moment, inside and outside the venue, everyone was eagerly cheering for Jayna...

"Mommy, come on..." Emily who stayed on the high platform also shouted to Jayna anxiously.

Taking a deep breath, Luis looked down at Jayna and said, "Jayna, Emily and Iwan are waiting for you. Hundreds of thousands are watching you. Iwan did all these things for you. Something had already happened. He has left Military Headquarters, but he has no regrets! I believe he will be a good man, a good husband, and a good father. This wedding will only happen once in your life. So don't waste all his hard work and dedication! Jayna, come on! Stand up! ! ! "


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