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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 54

Chapter 54 The Frightened People

Originally, the Brown family was reluctant to believe it. After all, he was a high-ranking god of war. You must know that although Dragon Kingdom attached great importance to military exploits now, it is extremely difficult to achieve the level of being able to confer the god of war, let alone even if it is a demerit and it also need the corresponding strength of the God of War. So even if the Brown family only had a Eagleshine general, they would be very excited.

But now Iwan is a god of war! The God of War of the Dragon Kingdom! He is also a god of war who defended the territory of the Dragon Kingdom! This kind of status is much stronger than that of a mere Eagleshine general. And just the day before yesterday, the Brown family personally forced Jayna out of the family! And Brady even slapped Jayna in the face. So at this moment, all of the Brown family's direct lineage member did not believe that what is said on TV is true. Because if it was true, their fate would be extremely miserable. How could Iwan let them go?

So at this moment, everyone in the Brown family was reluctant to believe it. So they opened their eyes wide to see if the groom was Iwan or not.

But soon they became desperate, completely desperate, because the groom was Iwan. Whta's more, what in front of Iwan were thousands of warriors with a blood-like aura on one knee. They had seen Brady from a distance the day before yesterday. The boss's boss, the God of War King Josh in the Central Region, also bowed his head in front of Iwan. And that beautiful bride is definitely Jayna, but they never imagined that Jayna would be so beautiful in the wedding dress.

"It's over... My whole family is ruined..." William Brown's face was pale, he sat down on the chair, and all the strength in his body seemed to be drained at this moment. The Brown family is so owesome. They actually offended a god of war from External Region in the Dragon Kingdom.

As for Brady's father, Warren Brown, he had a blackout and he fainted after he saw Iwan's face clearly again and again. Krista's father, Wilson Brown, was also shocked.

"No, it's not true. It's not true. How could Jayna be the heroine of that Hundred Cities Wedding!!! No...Even if there would be a heroine, it should be me. It must be me." Although others all believed it, she was the only one who dared not believe it. She fought with Jayna all her life, and just the day before yesterday she finally succeeded in kicking her out of the company. And she herself became the vice president of the Brown Group.

Krist was very complacent. After all, she will have the final say in the entire Brown Group in the future. But no matter how big the Brown Group is now, can it be compared with Iwan? Can she compare her status with the wife of a god of war? Krist couldn't accept it at all. She couldn't accept tha fact that Jayna was the heroine...

Hamza, who was lying on the ground at the moment, suddenly came to his consciousness, and stood up, roaring violently at Krist, "Krist, actually, I came today to break up with you. I'm here to break up with you! We have already broken up. I have told you once in the morning that before the wedding of Hundred Cities in the morning we are strangers. Don't bother me in the future..." After his words, he quickly ran out.

Krist was frightened by Hamza's words. But in the next moment, she quickly hugged his arm and pleaded bitterly, "No, Hamza, don't leave me. Please don't leave me. What you saw is not true, not true..." She desperately tried to save Hamza.

"Go away!" No matter how much Krist saved him, Hamza refused. Becasue he was already been scared to death, he will never dare to stay with her again in this life. So he shoved Krist to the ground with, and then he ran out...

"Don't go...Hamza, don't... You said you want to marry me next month. Don't go...They are not Jayna and Iwan. It's not true. It's all fake..." After Hamza had run away, Krist still stayed on the ground and cried.

And at this moment, the female employees in the Brown Group were also shocked when they saw that the heroine of this grand wedding was actually Jayna. Because just a few days ago, Jayna was still working with them. She even brought a large number of contracts to the Brown Group. They were also very excited, because the group had more contracts meant it developed well, so that they will get more bonuses.

But the day before yesterday, they suddenly received a notice that the position of the company's vice president was actually given to Krist. This made them feel sorry about Jayna. Because those contracts were originally brought by Jayna. However, they are all small employees and dare not say anything. After all, Krist is a member of the Brown family and has been operating in the Brown Group for many years.

But soon they got news again that Cleveland Group and Mellon Group suddenly cancel all cooperation with Brown family because of Brown family's injustice to Jayna. This saddened the employees of Brown Group. They could have received a lot of bonuses, but all of them are gone just because of Krist, this scheming woman.

And now, when these employees see that the heroine of the wedding is actually Jayna. They have more resentment towards Krist and William in their hearts! Jayna's husband is the God of War of the Dragon Kingdom. If he fulfilled his promise to Jayna, they can do whatever thay want in the future? They finally understand now why those biggest groups in Pasoland City are rushing to cooperate with the small Brown Group. The main reason was that Jayna was in the company.It has nothing to do with the Brown family.

However, what did the Brown family do? They may think that the cooperation with Cleveland Group and other big companies is due to themselves, and they even expelled Jayna out of the family!

Thinking of it, the female employees of the Brown Group could no longer hold back their anger, and many of them began to point at Krist who was sitting on the ground.

"Shame on you. Those cooperation are brought by Jayna but you are so cheeky to rob it..."

"Oh... yes. She is incompetenta but only rely on a rich second-generation. That rich guy didv't say he would marry her but she called him husband cheeky. She is so brazen."

"She dressed like a street whore every day, and even dreamt of becoming the heroine of the Hundred Cities Wedding? It's really over your head. Just look at yourself in the mirror..."

"Disgusting... ugh..."


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