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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Evan's Doubts

"What? Are you Killing Master, one of the Four Masters of Heaven? Wait. It's not right. Why do you attack us? We have nothing to do with each other. We always respect you and the Heaven Domain..." The other God of War had run hundreds of meters away. He was scared by Killing Master, and his blood froze. Killing Master was one of the Four Masters of Heaven, and he was more powerful than a God of War! Moreover, Killing Master killed his companion who was as powerful as him with ease.

Killing Master pulled out his huge sword which was five feet long and twenty centimeters wide, and said slowly, "There's no reason. I was born in the Dragon Kingdom. Do you understand?"

The emotions in the other God of War's eyes were complicated. He looked at Killing Master from a distance and said, "But, you were in Afrieland, weren't you? Isn't it the King of Destruction who defends this place?"

"Where I want to go has nothing to do with you. Now, go out of here, or you'll die. It's up to you..." Killing Master held his sword and stood there, staring at the God of War who was hundreds of meters away with bland eyes.

"Leave... Hurry up and leave! Give up the task. Go..." The God of War was scared. He turned around and ran away in an instant because he knew he would be in trouble if he stayed there. Killing Master would really kill him. Just now, Killing Master didn't kill them all because he took something into consideration. However, if he dared to stay here and provoke Killing Master, Killing Master would kill him without hesitation. Soon, the God of War took his subordinates and ran into the deep desert.

At this time, Evan, who was standing behind Killing Master, was extremely shocked. In addition to him, the warriors from the Dragon Kingdom and Hannah who stayed in the car were all amazed. When Killing Master said that he was born in the Dragon Kingdom, all of them felt proud and excited. Killing Master killed a God of War who was as powerful as Evan with his sword! He was so strong.

After coming to sense, Evan immediately thanked Killing Master. He said, "Master, thank you so much! I will report this matter to the Military Headquarters, and the Military Headquarters will certainly repay you!"

Killing Master turned back and looked at Evan silently. With indifference in his eyes, he snorted coldly and said, "Are you Evan, the head of the Cliff family in Gotham City?"

Evan was stunned, but he hurriedly said, "Yes, I am Evan!"

Killing Master's eyes became more apathetic, and he looked at Evan with hostility. Evan was scared because he felt that Killing Master wanted to kill him! Yes, it seemed that Killing Master wanted to kill him! But Killing Master seemed to be restraining himself. However, Evan felt Killing Master's malice because he had been fighting in the External Regions for many years. He was afraid because it was easy for Killing Master to kill him. Even if Evan was young and powerful enough, he was no match for Killing Master!

"Master, I've been confused about one thing. I met King of Destruction in Western Europe a few years ago, and he wanted to kill me! Today you're the same! I don't understand. I have been fighting for the Dragon Kingdom all my life, and the Heaven Domain always helps the Dragon Kingdom. The Dragon Kingdom has never held a grudge against the Heaven Domain! So I want to ask you why you want to kill me." Evan asked in a deep voice, staring at Killing Master. Yes, this question had troubled him for a long time.

He had been on the battlefields in the External Regions these years, so he had heard a lot about the Heaven Domain. The most powerful masters in the Heaven Domain were all from the Dragon Kingdom, including the Lord of Heaven Domain who was mysterious and aggressive in the External Regions, and the Four Masters of Heaven! This made him very excited. He wanted to visit the most powerful masters in the Heaven Domain. In fact, he had asked for this chance many times over the years, but the result troubled him. The masters in the Heaven Domain were willing to meet all the powerhouses in the Dragon Kingdom except him! The King of Destruction who defended Western Europe seemed to hate him, and Killing Master was the same!

Therefore, even if Evan had to die this day, he wanted to know why. If he had accidentally offended someone in the Heaven Domain, he would rather die to relieve their resentment against the Dragon Kingdom!

At this time, Killing Master felt Evan's determination. Initially, he didn't want to speak anymore, but he looked at Evan and said, "You didn't offend the Heaven Domain, but some people in the Cliff family are disgusting..."

After saying this, Killing Master went away in an instant. He walked step by step toward the deep desert. He was going to cross the whole desert alone. It seemed that he was walking slowly, but his every step was big. The huge sword which was five feet long and twenty centimeters wide was carried on his back.

He didn't kill all the killers just now because he did have some scruples in his heart. He was more powerful than a God of War. If he killed those who were weaker than him for no reason, some powerful masters in the External Regions would deal with him. Moreover, he happened to pass by here this time. He just came here for a walk...

As for his hatred for Evan? Ha-ha... Everyone who was more powerful than a God of War in the Heaven Domain didn't like the Cliff family in Gotham City. The reason was very simple. The Cliff family once disinherited Iwan and drove him out. The Cliff family had done such a terrible thing. How could they expect to make friends with the warriors in the Heaven Domain? Ha-ha... Don't think about it... "

"Gotham City, the Cliff family! I have been staying in the External Regions these years. What have you done? Poof..." Evan murmured what Killing Master had said. He had finally solved the problem that had troubled him for several years. It turned out that his descendants who were far away at home had provoked someone in the Heaven Domain.

"Mr. Cliff, are you okay? Do you have any medicine to hear your wounds? Treat your wounds and take the medicine in a hurry..." Hannah jumped off the car anxiously and ran to Evan to help him.

Evan shook his head and said, "I'm fine. Since Killing Master has scared those killers in the External Regions, we should leave in a hurry..." After Evan came to sense, he immediately ordered the warriors to push the cars back to the road and rushed towards the safe place. He took some healing medicine and treated his wounds in the car.

They drove for nearly two hundred kilometers, and no one stopped them again. They all successfully got to the safe place where there was a warship from the Dragon Kingdom. After Evan boarded the warship with Hannah, the warship returned to Cleveque City. So far, the rescue task had been completed. No matter how crazy the enemies in the External Regions were, they didn't dare to attack the warship.

An hour later, in a secret room in the warship, Evan reported to Carl who was far away in Gotham City. "Hannah has boarded the warship, and now we are heading back to Cleveque City..."

Carl asked with concern on the phone, "I see. How are you? Did anything bad happen?"


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