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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 78

Chapter 78: The Resentment in The Cliff Family Five Years Ago

At the same time, although it was late at night, the conference hall in the Cliff family in Gotham City was brightly lit. Every member of the Cliff family was seated here, including the direct descendants of the Cliff family, all the elders, and big shots in all the industries. The one who sat in the seat of honor was the head of the Cliff family, Andy. He was Iwan's father. The one who sat next to Andy was the second elder in the Cliff family, Neil. He was the younger brother of Iwan's grandfather. Since Evan was not here, Andy and Neil had the greatest authority. As the second generation leader, Andy was more powerful than Neil. After all, he was Evan's eldest son and the second-generation leader in the Cliff family.

At this time, Andy and Neil sat in the seats of honor, while the rest sat in the lower two rows. About thirty senior members of the Cliff family came here for the meeting this night. It could be seen how powerful the Cliff family was. However, they all looked very dignified. Some of the Cliff family's relatives had faint smiles on their faces, and their eyes were a little sarcastic.

Andy, the second-generation leader of the Cliff family, looked very gloomy because it was not him who wanted to hold this meeting. Neil and the other senior members forced him to hold the meeting.

With a gloomy face, Andy glanced at them and asked in a deep voice, "Why do you force me to hold a family meeting tonight? Or do you want to topple me?"

Andy didn't beat around the bush and spoke directly. He had been in charge of the Cliff family these days, so he had been used to being bossy. However, things seemed to have changed. From half a month ago, others had been looking at him with irony in their eyes. Moreover, he had found out something. His eldest son who had disappeared for five years came back, and he was known as a God of War in the External Regions!

At this moment, Troy, Andy's cousin and Neil's son, picked up the teacup, took a sip, and smiled meaningfully. Then he said, "If you insist that we force you to hold the meeting, well... just regard it as the truth. We force you to hold the meeting, but so what? Ha-ha..." Saying this, Troy narrowed his eyes and looked at Andy with sarcasm in his eyes.

Bang! The next moment, Andy slapped the table and stood up. He pointed to Troy and said, "Troy! Let me tell you. Even if I am not the head of the Cliff family, you'll never get the position! Who do you think you are? Do you have the right to disinherit me? Or do you want to disinherit me together with your father?"

Troy put down his teacup, looked at Andy with a meaningful sneer, and said, "Ha-ha... Andy, you know what you did five years ago. My eldest nephew is so excellent, but you drove him out of the family. Ha-ha, now he has become a God of War in the External Regions, just like Uncle Evan. Ha-ha, do you think Uncle Evan will forgive you for what you did for the b*tch back then? As for your position... Sorry, I'm not interested in it. It's not appropriate for me to be the head of the Cliff family. But my eldest nephew has become a God of War in his twenties. Shouldn't he become the head of the family?"

"What? Do you want the treacherous son to come back to the family? Don't even think about it! It's impossible!" Andy had been overwhelmed by anger. He would never allow Iwan to come back! There was no family affection in a rich and powerful family. For his power and position, he couldn't let Iwan come back! Moreover, Iwan once fought with him! Since Iwan didn't regard him as his father, he wouldn't treat Iwan as his son!

At this time, Troy stopped smiling. With coldness in his eyes, he said slowly, "What if... I have to let Christ come back? Andy, what do you think... you can do?"

After Troy finished speaking, the whole conference hall became silent, and the atmosphere was dignified to the extreme. Apparently, Troy was challenging Andy. They fought for the power in the Cliff family. Others were a little confused because direct descendants would suppress collateral relatives in other families. However, the Cliff family was the exact opposite. Troy was helping Andy's son take over power, but Andy tried his best to stop Troy...

Andy, who was in the seat of honor, was silent. His eyes darkened to the extreme. At this moment, he did not look at Troy but looked at the others in the hall, In a deep voice, he asked, "What do you think? I remind you that even though the treacherous son has become a God of War, do not forget that he has been dismissed from the Military Headquarters because he killed lots of people in Southpool City. He is no longer a God of War. Do you want to support him?"

"Has he been dismissed from the Military Headquarters? Ha-ha, it's not a big deal. The Military Headquarters needs talents. Those who were killed by Christ are scums. It's not a big deal to kill them. Even if Christ has been dismissed, Evan and I can let him go back to the Military Headquarters by the back door, ha-ha..." At this time, Neil, who was also in the seat of honor, opened his mouth and said.

As soon as Neil said this, all the senior members of the Cliff family bowed their heads, but their eyes flashed with strange lights. Each of them had something on their minds. In fact, this situation had lasted for half a month. Troy and Neil didn't go against Andy until this night. However, these senior members didn't care who would be the head of the family. Anyway, they were not qualified to get the power. However, they were glad to see one more God of War in the Cliff family. Moreover, Iwan was more powerful than Evan. As a God of War in the External Regions, Iwan had a brighter future.

After all, the Cliff family was one of the founders of the Dragon Kingdom. With a God of War in the family, they had established a foothold in Gotham City, and they were second only to those powerful families that had been inherited for hundreds of years. What if there was one more God of War in their family? There would be two Gods of War in their family! Moreover, Iwan and Evan were both powerful Gods of War in the External Regions. In the future, the Cliff family would develop better. Besides, Evan was too old, and he had got injured many times over the years. Perhaps he would suddenly die one day. If Evan died, the Cliff family would be finished...

Therefore, this night, all the senior members who came to this meeting had taken a stand, which was that they must let Christ come back. Of course, Christ had a new name, Iwan. It didn't matter.

"Bang..." Seeing that everyone was silent and hearing Neil's words, Andy sit in a chair in disbelief. Everyone had taken a stand. If he didn't agree with them, the Cliff family would be disrupted this night!

At this moment, Andy was a little regretful. Half a month ago, when he learned that Iwan had become a God of War, he was also shocked. He didn't expect that his rebellious son had been granted the title of a God of War! Moreover, Iwan got the title in the External Regions! Therefore, Andy regretted what he had done at that time. He even thought about letting Iwan come back to the family.

But he couldn't let go of his resentment against Iwan. When his first wife died, Iwan ended their relationship and fought with him, saying he would kill his favorite woman!

'Was I wrong? What did I do wrong? I didn't want to marry his mother back then! The family forced me to marry a woman I didn't like for interests! Did anyone care about me? Huh? That b*stard even wanted to kill his stepmother! How dare he! How could he? His biological mother died! Since she died, why couldn't I marry another woman? As the head of the Cliff family, didn't I even have the right to get married again? But why did you have to hurt your stepmother? Why?'

'If you didn't stab your stepmother with a knife, would I disinherit you? Would I drive you out of the family? Huh? I even planned to let you take over the Cliff family. I would let you be the head of the family, and then I would retire. Wasn't it good? Huh? Why did you do that to me? I'm your biological father! Why?'

Andy roared in his heart. Yes, his feelings for Iwan were very complicated. More than twenty years ago, he didn't want to marry Iwan's mother at all, but it was useless. The family forced him to marry a woman he didn't like. Before getting married, he had only met Iwan's mother a few times! Then he lived in pain for more than twenty years.


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