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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 85

Chapter 85 I Can Kill You Easily At Any Places (I)

1、Five minutes later后应改为Five minutes later,2、came out the darkness应改为came/walked out of the darkness Warrior No.1 watched 直接用Jane's car leaving and asked, "boss, do you know this woman?"

Iwan Cliff nodded, "kind of. Her name is 直接用Jane, and she is Jayna's senior schoolmate and good friend. I had lunch with her at noon. You may meet her in the future. But be careful. She is very smart. She may suspect something, but that shouldn't be a problem... Let's go..."

"Okay..." Warrior No.1 nodded and left with Iwan Cliff.


At the same time, Troy Cliff, who was on his way to the airport, looked surly and felt extremely regretful. He had already watched the content/what was in the U disk. Now he understood that it was almost hopeless for Iwan Cliff to return to the Cliff family. To be honest, if he were Iwan, he would never go back, too.

"'But... But he is a real God of War of the External Regions and he is only in his twenties! ...' Powerhouses are under his command! He is even more powerful than Peter Addison, the grandson of Carl Addison of Gotham City!" Troy Cliff cried in his mind. He was now very sure that today's Iwan Cliff had all the power bigger than Evan Cliff, the master of the Cliff family! In fact, a person like Iwan Cliff would be considered a real dragon by the powerful families that had lasted for hundreds of years in the entire Gotham City!

But now, this real dragon had been driven away by them! Alas... Troy Cliff sighed deeply, feeling that the depression inside almost drove him crazy. If Iwan was still one of them, they would definitely rise again shortly, and even become a tycoon within ten years! But now, it had become a wishful thinking. Iwan Cliff was now appreciated by the supreme commanders of the Military Headquarters like Rendon Scott, and the whole headquarters were waiting for him to come back at any time. As for money? Iwan Cliff already owned the most powerful Morgan Group in Cleveque City, money meant nothing to him.

"We have made a terrible mistake. But isn't there really any chance left for us to redeem our mistake?" Troy felt so regretful, and his companions were also shocked and had mixed feelings. They believed that if Iwan Cliff could return to the family and be their master, the Cliffs would be sitting in the high position and enjoying a lifetime of glory. But that was all a wishful thinking now...

Ten minutes later, Troy Cliff arrived at the airport as fast as he could. Without any hesitation, he boarded the plane and flew back to Gotham City overnight.

Sitting in the first-class cabin of the plane, Troy Cliff took out his phone and called his father, Neil Cliff. "Father, it was all our fault. Our family did a terrible thing five years ago. Just call all the senior leaders and wait for me in the hall. I've already boarded the plane back. Don't ask me any questions. I'll be there soon. We will discuss it/We can talk after I get back. Alas..." Then he hung up the phone before his father could reply. At this moment, he looked as though he had just aged ten years in an instant...

Hearing this, Neil Cliff, who was sitting in the study of his house in Gotham City, frowned in deep thought and suddenly had a bad feeling.

In fact, before Troy Cliff called him, he had already tried to contact Evan Cliff but couldn't get through to the special line. He had made a dozen calls before a guard answered the phone. And he was told that Evan was seriously injured a few days ago, and his condition got worse suddenly last night because his internal injury relapsed again due to his severe injury this time. Although his life was out of danger, Evan was now in a coma...

Neil Cliff's heart sank. The Cliff family was in such a mess now. His brother was still in a coma, and his son just called him and sounded frustrated on the phone. He couldn't help but have a terrible feeling.

'Troy told me yesterday that Christ was not in Pasoland but had gone to Cleveque City, so he followed Christ there. But now he came back so soon and his voice sounded so decadent. What exacylt happened there?' Neil Cliff thought to himself with worry.

The more Neil Cliff thought about it, the worse he felt. His eyelids began to twitch and he could sense that something terrible was going to happen! He couldn't sit at home anymore, so he got dressed and asked the driver to take him to the airport. He just wanted to see his son as soon as possible and know what had happened.

Two hours later, Neil Cliff finally met Troy Cliff outside the airport in the western suburbs of Gotham City. It was already three o'clock in the morning, but when Neil Cliff saw his son at the first sight, he was shocked, because his son, who was usually arrogant and confident, was totally dispirited at the moment.

"Father... Alas, let's talk about it in the car..." Troy Cliff took a deep breath and wanted to tell his father what had happened to Iwan Cliff. But looking at his old man, whose hair had turned grey and grizzled, he could only sigh deeply.

"Well, okay... I have something to tell you too, and it's big." Neil Cliff nodded with mixing feelings. Then they got into the car. However, they didn't return to the Cliff's immediately. Then, they drove to a quiet place a few miles away from the airport and stopped the car.

In the car, Troy Cliff lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. With a more depressed look on his face, he looked at his father with a complex expression and said, "Father, what I want to tell you is more serious. You'd better share yours first. What happened? Didn't you contact uncle Evan? Did something happen to him?"


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