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Heaven Domain (Iwan Cliff) novel Chapter 86

Chapter 86 I Can Kill You Easily At Any Places (II)

As time went by, both Neil Cliff and Troy Cliff in the car were silent. Somehow, they suddenly had a feeling that the Cliff family, which had been standing in Gotham City for decades and had become one of the top ten families, was about to collapse at any time.

Their old master, a powerful God of war of External Regions, was now seriously injured. And the young one, Iwan Cliff, who was the boss of the God of war, was driven out of the family by them. As for the leaders of the family who were still staying in Gotham City, now showed the sign of division. Inside them, there was a scheming woman, Lily Swift, who was making trouble. The ship of the Cliff family would definitely sink if it went on like this.

In fact, Troy Cliff was desperate since he came back from Cleveque City. Especially when he heard that Evan Cliff was seriously injured and unconscious, and that Lily Swift had sent someone to assassinate Iwan Cliff, he felt that the Cliffs was hopeless. So he didn't even want to say anything now.

After a long time, Neil Cliff was calm again. He looked out of the window at the direction of the Cliff family, clenched his fists and said, "Our family rose up in the Dragon Kingdom fifty years ago. It was me and my brother who fought all the way! Although we are not as powerful as those tycoons which have been passed down for hundreds of years, we can still be one of the top ten families in the city! It is our united strength that makes us against foreign invaders and become stronger! But now, that woman is messing with our whole family, my brother is still unconscious, and our best offspring was forced to leave! What should I tell my brother when he comes back? How can I live up to him?"

He then got off the car and took a deep breath. The next moment, the old man seemed to have more strength. His eyes became extremely sharp and firm. He said slowly, "No, our family will not die!"

"Troy, call all the elders to gather and order the secret guards to guard the gate! Assign some secret guards to follow me... We are going to kill someone!" At this moment, a great chill came from Neil Cliff! He decided to be the one who saved the family at this critical moment, and he needed to kill the one who started this whole mess!

"Father?" Troy Cliff was still depressed in the car and stared blankly at his father who was standing straight outside the car. But hearing the exciting words, he felt a little hope inside. Yes! We will not die!

Neil Cliff continued, "Troy, do you know why Iwan sent you the evidence of Lily Swift's murder?"

Yes, just now, Troy Cliff told his father what was in that U disc. So when he heard the question, he asked in confusion, "Did Iwan want us to kill that woman?"

Neil Cliff nodded and said, "Yes, but not exactly. As you said before, now that Iwan's men were as strong as the God of war, he could kill Lily Swift easily. But he's doing us a favor, or perhaps giving us the last chance!"

Hearing this, Troy Cliff's body trembled violently. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Last chance? Father, do you mean that Iwan may still return to our family in the future?"

Neil Cliff shook his head and said, "I don't know, but Troy, nothing in the world is absolute, and the future is uncertain. He may not come back for now, but that doesn't mean that he will not come back forever! What we need to do now is to remove the thorn in Iwan's heart and let his depression dissipate. As for the future, well, we owe him too much, so I really don't know what will happen. Besides, your uncle Evan will come back eventually... "

Hearing this, Troy Cliff took a deep breath and regained some strength. He nodded heavily and then quickly took out his mobile phone to do as his father said...

Ten minutes later, hundreds of secret guards directly arrived the Cliffs' own mansion in the night, instantly rushed into the mansion and then surrounded the room of Andy Cliff and Lily Swift.

Half an hour later, Neil Cliff and Troy Cliff brought more than 300 powerful five-star secret guards to a killer organization that Lily Swift had contacted. But when they got there, they found that all the killers inside had been decapitated. So they rushed to the base camp of another killer organization. After all the years operating in Gotham City, the Cliffs certainly knew the hiding places of some killer organizations.

But when they arrived, they just saw the flames and the burning bodies.

"Go home!" After standing in front of the fire for a while, Neil Cliff turned around and left resolutely and Troy Cliff was following him. But just as they were about to leave, they suddenly felt a chill inside, and the hair all over their bodies instantly stood up...

At this moment, Warrior No.7 and Warrior No.9 wearing a half white mask and white clothes were standing at the top of a building behind them. They were squinting at Neil Cliff and Troy Cliff downstairs. There was a cold killing intent in their eyes. These two mighty Gods of war just wanted to kill them right away...

"There is no need for the Cliffs to exist..." Warrior No.9 stared coldly at Neil Cliff and Troy Cliff. He just wanted them dead.

But the next moment, Warrior No.7 grabbed his arm, looked at the back of Neil Cliff and Troy Cliff and said, "Don't. You know boss values friendship and family. I admit that I also want to kill them, but boss may not be happy. Don't make him sad. Just wait a little longer. If the Cliffs let go of Lily Swift tonight, we will kill them for boss! At the worst, we will go back and get punished!"

Warrior No.9 took a deep breath, forcefully suppressed the killing intent in his mind, and nodded. "Okay, then let's wait one more night! If the Cliffs continues to act recklessly, well, things will get really ugly!"

"Okay..." Warrior No.7 nodded and continued to stare at Neil Cliff and Troy Cliff.

Right now, the cold sweat on Troy Cliff and Neil Cliff's backs had wetted their clothes. Troy Cliff even felt a sense of death. He couldn't help but want to look back. But his father grabbed his hand tightly.


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