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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 50

Chapter 50 This Is the Uncivilized Method 

Gianna withdrew her gaze from Grady and ignored him. 

She looked at the rest of the students calmly and said, "Now, let me talk about my rules..." 

At this point, Gianna paused, and her gaze suddenly turned cold. "Don't interrupt me anymore. I don't want to resort to uncivilized methods to solve problems!" 

"Heh, what a joke!" Just as Gianna finished speaking, a voice sounded untimely. "You think we'll listen to you just because you know a few dirty tricks? Are you still half-asleep?" 

Gianna looked towards the person who spoke. It was Issac Galvan, the son of Mr. Galvan's older brother. His family was in Reland, and the Galvan family had a high status in the city. 

In the city of dragons and hidden tigers like Reland, the Galvan family should not be underestimated. 

Gianna glanced at him but didn't say anything. Instead, she turned and walked to the classroom door. When she came back in, she had a stick in her hand. 

Holding the stick, she walked straight towards Issac. 

Issac frowned and sneered, "What? Do you want to hit me? But I'm not a loser like Grady. I am Issac..." 

With a bang, Gianna hit Issac heavily, causing him to jump up immediately. "Damn it! How dare you hit me? Do you know who I am?" 

Gianna ignored him and continued to strike him with the stick. Issac had also learned martial arts, and he wanted to fight back, but every time he raised his hand, Gianna's stick would accurately strike him. 

And she somehow managed to make her strikes feel light and gentle, but they were actually quite painful! 

"Stop! Stop hitting me! I'll tell Randall! I'll have him fire you!" Issac screamed. 

His uncle was Mr. Galvan! 

Gianna didn't even give him a glance. She pointed the stick at Grady and said, "You! Get a few people to lift him up for me!" 

The students didn't care for study at all, so they had all kinds of stuff in the classroom. There happened to be many hooks on the ceiling which could be used to hang him up. 

Grady was about to retort, but he heard Gianna leisurely say, "You have a secret crush..." 

Before she could finish her sentence, Grady suddenly jumped up and pointed at a few people, saying, "You, you, and you, lift him up quickly!" 

He didn't want to submit to Gianna's tyranny! 

But she was really dangerous. 

She even knew who Grady had a crush on! 

She did have got him under her thumb. 

He hadn't even confessed yet, and if it was exposed, he wouldn't even be able to be friends with the other person in the future. 

Issac, seeing that Grady dared to order people to tie him up, became furious. "Grady, how dare you! If you touch me, I won't let you off!" 

However, Grady raised his head and sneered, "What does it have to do with me? Ms. Geller told me to do this! My mom taught me to listen to the teacher at school!" 

Issac was speechless. 

Damn it! 

Grady originally didn't accept Gianna, but now he was starting to accept her a bit. 

In Class 18, he and Issac were at odds. 

Of course, there was also Natalya, but he didn't have any major conflicts with her. 

Class 18 had a total of over 40 students, which were divided into three factions. 

He, Issac, and Natalya belonged to three factions respectively. 

When it came to fighting and being ruthless, he was the fiercest when going against Issac! 

No one dared to provoke Natalya, but she rarely caused trouble on her own, so usually everyone just exchanged verbal jabs! 

He admired Gianna from the heart when thinking about how she had just used the stick to beat up Issac and made Issac dare not fight back. As long as Issac suffered, he was happy! 

Therefore, he quickly had someone lift Issac up. 

Issac was hanging from the ceiling, cursing at Gianna, "You little brat! If you have the guts, kill me! If you can't, I'll make your life a living hell!" 

Gianna glanced at him and said seriously, "I have your dad's phone number. Before you try to kill me, why don't you ask for his opinion?" 


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