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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Conquering

Isaac and the other students were stunned. They had thought the uncivilized method Gianna had mentioned was fighting. After all, their class was famous for brawls.

Unexpectedly, she was referring to letting a snake bite them!

It was scary! Why had the school hired such a pervert? Their life would be miserable in the future!

Everyone secretly wailed as if seeing the Doomsday.

Gianna raised her head to look at stunned Isaac and asked, "Is your mind clear now? Will you be obedient?"

Isaac dared not say no. So, he heavily nodded and said, "I will be obedient! Gianna, I was wrong. Please forgive me!"

He knew his school bully life would end, and his future life would be extremely dark and tragic. But there was no way out!

Gianna looked at Grady and said, "Put him down."

Grady and the people around him did not dare to move, and their faces were pale. After all, there was a snake! Although they had released it, they were afraid of it! Maybe Gianna would cast a spell on it and let it bite them!

"Are you afraid of the snake?"

Seeing them standing still, Gianna guessed the reason. So, the corner of her mouth twitched. Since they were so timid, they should not have used the snake to deal with her.

She soon took a knife out of her pocket and threw it over.

Isaac breathed relief when he heard Gianna ask these people to let him go. But seeing a knife flying toward him, he instantly tensed up.

He would be finished! The knife would kill him!

However, the knife accurately hit the snake's head and pinned it on the wall.

Isaac felt he had had a narrow escape. And the other people were all stunned, thinking Gianna had practiced it.

After Grady put Isaac down, the latter trembled and said, "Gianna, can I go to the lavatory first?"

He could not hold it anymore! Wetting his pants was too shameful. Otherwise, he would have peed on the spot.

Gianna nicely agreed, "Sure."

After Isaac ran to the lavatory like the wind, Gianna looked at the other students in a daze and said, "Guys, move the teacher's desk in. Place your desks and chairs neatly."

After a pause, she added, "I don't want to use uncivilized methods!"

The students instantly moved the desks and chairs like lightning when she finished speaking.

Natalya was sitting in the corner. It took a long time for her to calm down and confirm the new friend she had made two days ago was her teacher.

What the hell! It was absurd!

Thinking of what Gianna had done, she obediently stood up to move her desk and chair. She had an intuition that if she didn't obey, Gianna would fall out with her and beat her up!

About ten minutes later, everyone set their desks and chairs right, and Isaac also returned from the lavatory.

At the classroom door, he obediently asked, "May I come in?"

"Come in, please," Gianna indifferently said.

After entering the door, Isaac did not dare to approach the podium. So, he moved to his desk step by step along the wall, looking like a terrified mouse seeing a cat.


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