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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Alisa Annoied Gianna Again

Teachers at Ranson High School all had dormitories and usually did not come to the canteen for lunch. Most of them cook by themselves.

Hearing that a teacher was coming, everyone was surprised.

They all looked toward Grady and saw him obsequiously smiling at a pretty girl about their age.

"No, I'll go by myself," refused Gianna.

Grady insisted, "Ms. Geller, thanks for managing our class. It's not worth your trouble for this little thing. I can do this for you."

This morning, he realized that he needed to flatter Gianna and gain some benefits.

"Okay!" said Gianna, "I'm not a picky eater, just order some food as you like."

There were most boxed meals in the canteen.

People in Rheinsville City mainly ate bread, but Gianna didn't really like bread. However, since she was here, she chose to follow the crowd.

"Okay." Then Grady went to get a meal for Gianna.

Seeing that, all the students were stunned.

They didn't hear wrong just now. The girl about their age was really a teacher.

Then the students burst out discussing.

"What happened? Has Grady converted?"

"It's not that Grady has converted, but that every student in Class 18 has converted. Didn't you notice that they're a bit different today?"

"Yes! They didn't make trouble for anyone today. Look at them, they are well-behaved. People not in the know might think that they are good students."

"Isn't that girl a new transfer student? Why did Grady call her teacher?"

The students kept discussing, and their voices were quite loud. If it was before, students in Class 18 would have come to teach them a lesson, but they didn't do that today. It was because Gianna just established the rules and nobody in Class 18 dared to cause trouble!

Gianna didn't care about what they were discussing. She suddenly remembered that she hadn't given Grady money yet, so she went to find Grady.

Just as she stood up, a person walked towards her. "Gianna."

Alisa looked at Gianna in shock and asked, "Why are you here?"

Suddenly, she remembered something and said, "Gianna, you finally been obedient to Grandma and come to school?"

She glanced at the students from Class 18 next to Gianna and sneered, "Did your classmates bully you? If they bully you, tell me and I will seek justice for you."

Alisa was different from others. Most people in this school were afraid of the students in Class 18, but she was not!

Besides her, anyone from a prominent family was not afraid!

"You can ask them if they dare to bully me?" sneered Gianna.

Alisa was stunned for a moment. Why did Gianna look like she was not bullied?

It shouldn't be like this!

She knew well what kind of students were in Class 18!

Whether it was a student or a teacher, as long as they entered Class 18, they would suffer to survive there!

Unless they had the ability to gain a foothold in Class 18.

After a moment, Alisa realized something and said, "It's good if you haven't been bullied. I guess so. You grew up in the countryside and wouldn't be afraid of those hooligans."

It sounded like she was concerned for Gianna, but she actually implied that Gianna was also a hooligan.

"What are you saying? " Issac was frustrated by Gianna before, and now he was mocked by Alisa. He immediately became angry and said, "Who is a hooligan? Make it clear!"


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