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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 57

Chapter 57 How Dare You Tell the Principal?

Alisa flushed and bit her lips. "Gianna, what are you talking about? What's the drug? I don't know about it."

Although the incident was noised abroad at the time, the Geller family still suppressed it. It was not revealed in the news that she drugged anyone!

Although this matter might still be discussed by people, it had little impact on her.

Gianna was a b*tch. How dare she mentioned this in public?

"You should be grateful that you are the daughter adopted by Mr. Geller, not by Old Mrs. Geller," said Gianna, looking at her coldly.

If it weren't for Alisa being Sherman's adopted daughter, Alisa, who claimed to be the recognized talented girl in Rheinsville City would have been notorious in the city.

"I really don't understand what you are saying. Did I offend you?" Alisa had tears in her eyes and pretended to be delicate to make people feel protective of her.

Gianna didn't even want to take another look at her. "I don't care whether you know or not. Don't provoke me again, and don't dream to be comparable to me with your poor talent. You're never as good as me."

Gianna turned around and walked away. Then she suddenly paused and said, "You are studying medicine. I suggest you examine your own brain. What I said yesterday was that I came to Ranson High School to be a teacher."

"What!!" Alisa was startled and her eyes almost popped out. "A teacher?"

Stop kidding!

She thought Gianna was joking yesterday!

Even now, she also thought it was a joke!

Gianna didn't answer. Natalya, who had been waiting aside, stepped forward and grabbed Gianna's arm. She smiled, "Ms. Geller, let's go eat outside the school. Today there's a disgusting fly in the cafeteria. I'm afraid of indigestion if we eat here."

Natalya ignored Alisa and said, "There is a buffet restaurant outside the school. They have a wide variety of delicious food, especially cakes. There are not many people eating there at noon, so it is not crowded."

"Cake!" said Gianna with her eyes lighting up, "Let's go!"

She urgently needed a cake to relieve her bad mood!

However, it had nothing to do with Alisa. She was angry by the poor scores of Class 18.

"Get out of the way. Who is bullying Ms. Geller? I'll kick the man's ass."

Grady originally went to get a meal for Gianna. In the past, the students of Class 18 never queued up when they came to the cafeteria. However, Gianna had set rules and they couldn't cause trouble, so he had to line up.

There were many people waiting in line. Before he could get the meal, someone from Class 18 came to tell him that someone was bothering Ms. Geller, and even Issac failed to stop it. Then he immediately ran over.

So he didn't get a meal!

Grady pushed the crowd out of his way and saw Alisa immediately. He was irritable and said, "It's you again, Alisa. You used to cause trouble for Class 18, but for the sake of the Geller family, I let you off. Today, how dare you offend my teacher! You want to die?"

After speaking, he rushed forward to hit her.

Grady was a bit rude but he never hit a girl. However, Gianna was an exception, and now Alisa was another.

For Gianna, he had to do that because she was too powerful. In fact, even by fighting against her, he was defeated and could only surrender.

Alisa, this son of b*tch. He had long wanted to give her a lecture.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he took two steps out, he was grabbed by Gianna on the collar and pulled back.

Once he regained his footing, Gianna slapped him on the forehead and said, "A famous philosopher says that never fight with a dog because it will damage your image!"

Alisa was furious but lost for words.

Gianna implied that she was a dog!

Grady looked puzzled and asked, "Who is this philosopher?"

Gianna answered, "No philosopher but me."

Grady was speechless.

Then Grady said seriously, "Oh, I got you. If a dog bites me and I take a bite back, wouldn't I be like a dog? Let's stay away from it, especially when it is a crazy dog."

Alisa was pissed off.

But her mind was full of the fact that Gianna was the teacher of Class 18.


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