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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Another Identity

Gianna arrived at a cafe.

Standing at the cafe entrance, Gianna looked around and lowered her bucket hat to cover her face. Then she took a step and walked into the cafe.

She arrived in front of a private room and pushed open the door.

When the people in the room saw her enter, he immediately stood up, "Ms. Geller!"

The person was also dressed in black and wearing a bucket hat. Unlike Gianna, he wore a mask, making it impossible to see his eyes unless he looked up.

His name was Lamont Ricardo.

That wasn't his real name. He had been using this name since he started following Gianna. As for his previous name, he had long forgotten it.

Gianna closed the door and glanced at him, saying coldly, "Don't choose a place like this next time."


Gianna sat down, poured herself a cup of coffee, and sipped.

The coffee was good. Although it couldn't compare to the coffee Laney grew at home, it was still refreshing and sweet.

"Ms. Geller, I have thoroughly searched the Geller's villa, but I didn't find another potion vial," Lamont stood behind Gianna and said solemnly.

Gianna frowned, "Have you searched all the places?"

"I've searched every inch, even the bathroom tiles in the Geller's villa, but I found nothing," Lamont replied, "I installed a listener in Old Mrs. Geller's room, but she never mentioned the potion to anyone. Could the intelligence be wrong? Maybe the potion isn't in the Geller family?"

"It can't be wrong," Gianna said in a low voice, "My mother took two potion vials, gave one to me, and left one in the Geller family."

Her mother had told her this before she passed away.

At that time, her mother was worried that this matter would involve her, so she didn't tell her. But at the last moment, she received a phone call and changed her mind.

Her mother gave her one potion vial and told her there was another one in the Geller family.

Her mother left this world the moment she finished speaking.

Her primary purpose in coming to the Geller family was to find that potion vial.

"Could Sherman have it?" Lamont questioned, "I've searched every corner of the Geller's villa, and it's not there. Only Sherman's house is left."

Gianna shook her head, "He doesn't have it either."

She had carefully searched Sherman's small three-bedroom house as soon as she moved in but found no trace of the potion.

After arriving at the Fallingwater community, she searched again, with the same result.

That's why she sent Lamont to search the Geller's villa.

But even there, they found nothing, which was strange.

"Is it possible that Sherman knew the importance of the potion and didn't keep it at home?" Lamont doubted.

Gianna's expression froze. That may be possible.

Besides his house, where else could Sherman have put the potion?

"Do you want to ask Sherman directly?" Lamont suggested.

"I can't ask him," Gianna said, lowering her head. Her expression was unreadable.

She still couldn't judge Sherman's true character.

She was curious to know if he was as kind as he appeared.

Or perhaps, he was just being nice to her to obtain something.

More importantly, asking him would be too risky until she was sure whether the potion was in Sherman's possession.

She had to make sure that Sherman was truly trustworthy.

"So, what should we do now?" Lamont paused for a moment and suddenly said, "By the way, there are two groups of people looking for the whereabouts of the potion recently. One group is from the GT Organization, and the other is unknown. I didn't dare to intervene to tip our hands."

Gianna frowned, "The GT Organization found the Geller family so quickly?"


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