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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Who Was She

Sherman was taken aback when Gianna suddenly mentioned her mother.

In all the time she had been back, she had never brought up her mother on her own, and he was afraid it would make her sad if she remembered her mother, so he didn't mention her mother either.

Sherman paused momentarily and said, "Your mother is very kind and righteous. She would sacrifice herself for others and put their needs above her own. In short, Gia, the person who loves you most in this world, is your mother. I can't compare to her even a little bit."

Sherman intentionally avoided going into too much detail when it came to Nora.

Perhaps he was afraid of stirring up painful memories for Gianna.

Gianna nodded in response to his answer and didn't ask any more questions.

However, Lloyd started to ponder.

Sherman had been deeply fascinated with Nora to the point where he even stood up against Old Mrs. Geller back then. Despite such deep feelings, Sherman only described her as kind and righteous without hinting at romantic sentiment.

"Indeed, Nora... she's quite something!" Damian's expression darkened when they talked about Nora but quickly returned to normal. However, there was a trace of appreciation for Nora on his face.

Upon hearing this, Lloyd looked at Damian as if he had grasped the most crucial thing.

He had forgotten that his grandfather knew Nora.

His grandfather and Nora arranged the engagement between him and Gianna.

Damian's words took Gianna aback, and she paused for a moment.

She didn't know how her mother had met Damian, and her mother had never mentioned him to her.

Initially, she thought they had reached an agreement that led to her engagement with Lloyd. But now it seemed that Damian's relationship with her mother was more than just an acquaintance.

There was a deeper connection between them.

But why was Lloyd investigating her mother and the potion?

There were some things she didn't dare to delve into, as the more she probed, the more people would be implicated.

Gianna looked deeply at Lloyd and stood up. "I'm going to school."

Sherman was taken aback, "Go to school?"

He had been busy getting acquainted with his new company for the past few days and was unaware that Gianna had gone to Ranson High School to become a teacher.

"You... even when your daughter has been a teacher for two days, you don't even know it." Laney, who had finished washing the dishes, glared at Sherman and said, "Gia is now the homeroom teacher for Class 38 at Ranson High School. And in just one morning, she had already disciplined those students properly."

When Gianna first mentioned becoming a teacher, she and Sherman thought she was joking. But then, yesterday afternoon, Ms. Levine came to find Gianna, and after chatting for a while, Laney found out that Gianna had become a homeroom teacher of Class 18.

"What's more, Gia earns fifty thousand dollars a month, equivalent to your previous annual income at the Geller family's company."

"Really?" Sherman stood up excitedly and laughed, "Haha, I knew it! My daughter is the best. Who said my daughter is from the countryside and doesn't know anything? And my mother always compares Alisa to Gia. Now, Gia will be the teacher for her most proud granddaughter!"

Gianna replied, "...Mr. Geller, I'm just a substitute teacher for Class 18, not Alisa's teacher."

"It's all the same. Alisa still has to call you teacher!" Sherman laughed so much that his mouth couldn't close, "Oh, I can finally hold my head high. Alisa always talks down to me and looks down on Gia. She openly and secretly mocks Gia for not being as outstanding as her. Now I'll see how she continues to brag in front of me."

Gianna: "Alisa is your adopted daughter. Is it appropriate for you to say things like that?"

Laney patted Sherman and apologized to everyone, "Sherman has gone crazy with joy. Please don't mind him."


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