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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 77

Chapter 77 My Legs Should Have Recovered

In Keshawn.

Gianna looked at the old lady in front of her with a cold expression and said in a cold voice, "Stop following me."

The old lady looked at her with a pitiful look and said, "Young lady, since you are a good person, please take me to the city. I have no money and I've lost my phone, so I can't contact my family."

"I am not a good person!" Gianna muttered in anger.

The biggest mistake she had made in her life was being kind-hearted and saving this old lady, resulting in trouble for herself.

She had come down from Lancaster Mountain this morning, planning to take the nearest flight to Rheinsville City. However, as soon as she descended from Lancaster Mountain, she encountered a few people causing trouble for the old lady, demanding that she hand over something. Seeing the pitiable old lady, she drugged those people and saved the old lady.

Little did she know, the old lady then latched onto her and insisted on following her.

She asked the old lady for her address, which was in Reland, and intended to show her kindness by sending her onto a plane since she was going to the airport anyway.

However, on the way to the airport, they were blocked by someone. Not wanting to waste time, she took care of the situation easily.

But unexpectedly, they encountered seven or eight waves of people along the way, and all of them were from different organizations.

She didn't know the old lady's identity or who she had offended, but all she knew was that she felt like she was going to vomit blood because of this old lady. Because of the old lady, she missed her flight to Rheinsville City.

She tried to walk away, but the old lady stuck to her like glue, refusing to let go.

No matter where she went, the old lady followed.

Helpless, she had no choice but to bring the old lady along.

Originally, she planned to have Esteban Burnett arrange a car to pick them up to go to Rheinsville City. However, she felt that the old lady's identity was a bit strange, and she didn't want to expose Esteban, so she hired a private car instead.

On the way to Rheinsville City, the people pursuing the old lady were relentless. Since they were in the car, she couldn't drug them. Those people even tried to ram into their car directly.

The driver was terrified and refused to drive them any further. He left them stranded in a deserted area.

Gianna felt like she wanted to die. After dealing with the people chasing the old lady, she decided that under no circumstances would she bring the old lady with her. She would just leave on her own.

Fortunately, the place the driver left them wasn't far from Rheinsville City, so she decided to walk there.

However, all along the way, the old lady kept following her. Presumably realizing that she had caused trouble for her, the old lady followed behind her from a distance and didn't dare to speak to her.

But the people chasing the old lady held a grudge against her and stopped pursuing the old lady. Instead, they came after her.

She had run out of the drugged medicine she carried, and as a last resort, she had to resort to using force.

Gianna was furious at this moment.

"You are a good person!" The old lady said earnestly, "Although you have a cold appearance, you have a warm heart. Young girl, I know I have caused you a lot of trouble. Don't worry, once I find my family, I will repay you. Please, be kind and take me with you. Just send me to the airport."

Gianna showed no expression and said, "This is the last time I'm saying it. Stop following me."

After that, she turned around and walked away.

The old lady hurriedly stopped her, "How about you lend me some money? We've already arrived in Rheinsville City, so those people probably won't come looking for me again. I can take a taxi to the airport myself."

Gianna frowned and said, "I don't have cash, and my money is on Facebook. Your phone is lost, how can I give you money?"

The old lady looked almost on the verge of tears and said, "Then, why don't you just take me with you? My son and I wanted to go to Lancaster Mountain to find Gerald Pratt. Who knows, we ended up being pursued, and we got separated. I don't even know the way back. Otherwise, I wouldn't trouble you. Please just pity me."

Gianna's eyes narrowed and she asked, "Gerald?"

Did she know Mr. Pratt?


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