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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Has Gianna Not Arrived Yet?

Sherman and Laney had gloomy expressions.

The clothes they were wearing were newly bought, and each outfit cost a hefty sum of 2 thousand dollars. For them, spending 2 thousand dollars on clothes was a luxury, but for the sake of Gianna, they gritted their teeth and bought them.

But unexpectedly, they were still scorned by others.

Today was the engagement reception, and all the members of the Geller family had arrived, each of them dressed to the nines. If one didn't know better, they would think it was their own engagement.

Sherman felt irritated, but since it was Gianna's engagement reception, he held his tongue and remained silent.

The engagement reception had four tables set up.

Three tables were occupied by the Geller family alone.

The Finley family had one table, including Damian, Lloyd's parents, uncles, and aunts.

Their party was relatively small, occupying only one table.

The engagement reception was scheduled to start at noon, but as the time approached, Gianna was still nowhere to be seen.

Laney and Sherman had been calling Gianna, but it couldn't get through.

"Does Gianna not understand etiquette? How can she be late for such an important engagement reception and make so many elders wait for her? Where did she learn such a bad habit?" Chace had been holding a grudge against Gianna since she had previously manipulated him. He hadn't reconciled with Libby yet, so he was filled with anger towards Gianna.

Seeing that Gianna hadn't arrived even after waiting for a long time, he couldn't help but curse.

"Chace, Gianna is originally just a village girl from the countryside. How could she know about etiquette? She's intentionally asserting dominance over us because she's getting engaged to Mr. Finley." Naima said sarcastically.

Today's engagement reception was organized by Sherman's family, and although it wasn't grand, every member of the Finley family arrived in expensive luxury cars worth millions.

Just this fact alone had already become a hot topic in Rheinsville City.

These extravagances were originally supposed to belong to Alisa, but they were snatched away by Gianna. Just thinking about it made her uncomfortable.

"Hmph! What is she? How dare she assert dominance over us? She should know her place!" Chace said coldly.

At this moment, the Finley family had already entered the private room, while the Geller family members were still outside. Therefore, Lloyd did not hear Chace's words.

Gianna's phone was still unreachable, and Sherman was already anxious and furious. Chace's words instantly pushed him to his limit. "Chace, that's enough! Ever since Gia came back, you've been finding fault with her. What exactly has she done to offend you?"

Without waiting for Chace to speak, Sherman said, "Don't bring up what happened at Libby's birthday banquet last time. It was clearly your plan to set her up, but you ended up falling for it yourself. The matter with you and the nanny was your own doing. Gianna didn't force you to sleep with her! Don't blame her for this."

"Furthermore, we didn't invite you to today's engagement reception. If you can't wait, you can leave!"

Chace didn't expect that Sherman would dare to speak to him like this. He became angry and humiliated, "You've gone too far! I'm your older brother, and yet you dare to speak to me in such a manner. Don't you have any respect?"

"You are my older brother, not my father!" Sherman roared angrily, "If you dare to insult my daughter again, then get out! I won't consider you as my brother anymore!"

Enrique frowned on the side, "Sherman, you've gone too far!"

"Have I gone too far?" Sherman's eyes turned red, "My daughter is getting engaged, and all of you come here, but who among you is sincerely wishing her well? Have any of you brought a gift? And now, in this kind of situation, you are accusing her of not knowing etiquette? Shouldn't anyone be concerned about her safety as a person?"

"You are not human!"

This time, Sherman was truly furious.

He knew Gianna's character very well. She was a child who understood boundaries very well. If she said she would come back before the engagement reception, then she would definitely come back.

But now, ten minutes had passed since the engagement reception began, and she still hadn't arrived. It could only mean that something unexpected had happened to her.

He was extremely worried, but these people were here, speaking ill of Gianna, accusing her of being rude and uncultured. Did they really think he had a good temper and could tolerate everything?

"You!" Enrique was also furious but he didn't know what to say for a moment.

"What are you arguing about?" Brenna's stern voice cut through the commotion, "The Finley family is already in the private room, and here we are, as the bride's family, fighting among ourselves. What kind of talk is this?"


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