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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 79

Chapter 79 The Geller Family Took Shamelessness to the Extreme

The members of the Geller family were quite agitated. They had expected the betrothal gifts for Gianna to be their saving grace, but they hadn't anticipated that the Finley family would only offer 15 thousand dollars. How could this be acceptable?

Some distant relatives chimed in, "The Finley family is really taking advantage of us. Even if the Geller family is considered a common family, receiving only 15 thousand dollars is unacceptable. In the countryside, the betrothal gifts start at least at 30 thousand dollars, and in the city, it's over 20 thousand dollars. Giving only 15 thousand dollars is simply outrageous."

"Could it be that you changed the betrothal gifts to 15 thousand dollars at the last moment because Lloyd's leg got better? You can't be so shameless. Before, when Lloyd was disabled, you were willing to offer ten million dollars as a betrothal gift. Now that his leg is better, you're giving a huge discount. This is unreasonable."

Each person spoke up, completely disregarding Damian's chance to speak.

While Alisa was also shocked by the 15 thousand-dollar betrothal gift from the Finley family, she couldn't help but feel happy deep down.

So what if Gianna was a true young lady? In the eyes of the Finley family, she was only worth 15 thousand dollars!

Now that Lloyd's leg was better, they would treat Gianna with even less regard. This meant that she still had a chance to reclaim this marriage proposal.

"What nonsense are you all saying?" Sherman couldn't bear it any longer and shouted angrily, "I proposed the 15 thousand dollars betrothal gift. I, Sherman, am here to marry off my daughter, not sell her. What ten million dollars, 20 million dollars? I, Sherman, don't want that. I only want my daughter's happiness!"

Brenna looked up in disbelief, "Is that what you want?"

"Yes! That's what I want! And when Gia gets married, she will bring back every single penny of that 15 thousand dollars!"

Sherman's face was serious and determined. "Mom! Are you disappointed? Do you think I should have asked for ten million dollars and given you the money? Dream on! Even if this betrothal gift was only a penny, I wouldn't give it to you."

"You beast!" Brenna felt a sharp pain in her chest. She covered her chest and cursed, "I gave birth to you and raised you, but I never expected to raise a heartless wolf. If I had known you would be so unfilial, I should have strangled you long ago!"

She had hoped and longed for this ten million dollars to save the Geller family business.

But in the end, it was ruined by her own son. How could she not be angry?

"Sherman, you're going too far! Mom is the elder, Gianna is the granddaughter, and our family's marriages have always been decided by Mom. But on such a big matter, you actually made the decision without consulting Mom. Do you have no respect for Mom anymore?" Enrique scolded angrily.

"Don't you know the current situation of the Geller family? Do you want to watch the Geller family collapse before you're satisfied? Sherman, when did your heart become so hardened?" Chace accused as well.

Everyone in the Geller family understood what was happening, but no one wanted to bring it up in public, especially in this setting, where everyone would know that the Geller family wanted to use Gianna's betrothal gifts to save their company.

But the Geller family members couldn't afford to worry about that anymore.

They had to fight for more betrothal gifts.

Even if they couldn't get ten million dollars, several million or 2 million dollars would be acceptable. It would at least alleviate the Geller family's financial tension.

Sherman looked coldly at them, "I find it strange. Gia is my daughter, so how come I don't even have the right to decide for her? Grandma, aren't you the only one in Rheinsville City who demands a betrothal gift from her granddaughter?"

"What's wrong with asking for a betrothal gift?" Brenna said confidently, "Since Gianna is the young lady of the Geller family, she should abide by the rules of the Geller family. I am the head of the family, and there is no such thing as you privately receiving the betrothal gift."


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