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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Lloyd is My Successor

Of course, I dare to accept it!

Brenna was about to blurt it out, but when she encountered Gianna's icy gaze, her mouth seemed to be chained up, unable to utter a word.

"Gianna! What kind of attitude is this?" Chace angrily accused, "My mother is your grandmother. How dare you speak to her like this?"

The corner of Gianna's lips curved up. With a gentle motion, she brushed the stray hair that fell on her cheek behind her ear. She calmly said, "Chace, if we change the location, no one will ever speak to you with my attitude. Do you want to try?"

"You!" Chace seethed with anger.

That damn Gianna was threatening him with what happened back then again!

Regardless of whether she had any evidence or not, he didn't dare to take the risk.

Gianna glanced lightly at the Geller family members, and her voice was devoid of warmth. "I never acknowledge any relationship between me and the Geller family. Except for Mr. Geller and Ms. Nash, I don't recognize anyone from the Geller family. If you don't get it, I don't mind making the Geller family hit the headlines again."

Brenna's heart trembled. Gianna had too much dirt evidence on the Geller family, and she couldn't afford to let her cause a media scandal.

With a stiff expression, she said, "We're all one family. Do you have to make things so extreme? The Geller family is your maternal family. You can only do well if the Geller family does well. By accepting the betrothal gift, the Geller family will rise to new heights. If you don't let us accept the betrothal gift, you're cutting off your own path. Do you know that?"

"Oh?" Gianna smiled with a mocking curve of her lips. "I don't need to rely on anyone."

Alisa frowned unhappily and said, "Gianna, don't speak so absolutely. The Geller family has only had a few years of economic downturn. Enrique and Chace are already researching new perfume formulas. If they succeed, the Geller family's capital will increase steadily. What our maternal family has provided you is your confidence in the Finley family in the future. Just look at how they look at you. Without the support of the Geller family, they will only look down on you."

Gianna stared at Alisa as if she were looking at a fool.

With the current state of the Geller family, even with a ten million dollars investment, they couldn't catch up to the Finley family in a few decades.

Even if the Geller family had abundant capital, there would still be people in the Finley family who would look down on her.

In this world, there was no shortage of people who looked down on her.

"When you discuss my family in front of us, is it as if all of the Finley family members are dead?" Suddenly, Lloyd's voice cut through the air, cold as if it had touched ice.

Alisa's body instinctively trembled, but she still looked up and said, "Did I say something wrong? We are currently discussing the betrothal gift you offered to my sister. The Finley family is the top aristocratic family in Reland. Even if my father asked for fifteen thousand dollars, do you think that amount is appropriate?"

"My grandmother is also correct. The engagement was something you proposed, and it was also your promise to invest ten million dollars in the Geller family. But you changed your mind. Don't we have the right to speak about it?"

Alisa didn't want to speak up at this moment. The impression she left on Lloyd earlier was very poor, and she had to restore her image.

But ten million dollars was too important to the Geller family.

She couldn't temporarily gain Lloyd's favor, nor could she obtain the ten million dollars. She could only rely on Gianna to get the money.

"May I ask who you are?" Lloyd raised his eyebrows, emitting a chilling aura. "An adopted daughter, flaunting yourself at the engagement banquet of a wealthy young lady. Where do you get your confidence from? The Geller family?"

Alisa felt embarrassed. "Mr. Finley, it's too hurtful for you to say such things. It's true that I am an adopted daughter, but I consider the Geller family as my own. Now that the Geller family's interests are being damaged, I naturally have to speak up. Is it that if you make a mistake, no one is allowed to talk about it?"

What Alisa hated the most was when people brought up her status as an adopted daughter. She was clearly the most outstanding one. Just because she wasn't born into the Geller family, was she ridiculed?

"I don't talk to dogs!" Lloyd stated expressionlessly.

"You!" Alisa's face turned ashen, and her lips trembled with anger.

Lloyd didn't even want to give her a glance, directly looking at Brenna without any expression. "Brenna, during the birthday banquet of Libby, Gianna made it very clear that she agreed to marry me on the condition that the betrothal gift would be handled to Mr. Geller. If you have forgotten, I don't mind releasing the video from that banquet."


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