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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 82

Chapter 82 You Get Lloyd's Heart

The engagement banquet ended with mixed emotions among the guests.

Almost all the Finley family members stood up and followed Damian as he left. Except for Lloyd's family of four, the rest had complex emotions written on their faces.

Relatives of the Geller family had also departed, leaving only a few people at the Geller's villa.

Seeing the Finley family leave, Brenna immediately stepped forward and blocked Sherman's path, "Sherman, that stuff, when are you going to give it to me?"

Sherman looked at Brenna, deeply disappointed, but deep down, he still had some hope, "Mom! Have you made up your mind? Are you willing to cut ties with me for that thing?

Brenna hesitantly retorted, "You never really respect me as your mother! Just because of a woman, you've repeatedly clashed with me. Since the whole family and I mean nothing to you, I might as well disown you. Give me that stuff; from now on, you are no longer my son, and I don't need you to take care of me in my old age."

Though he had anticipated her reaction, Sherman still felt a pang of pain in his heart.

His biological mother was willing to sever ties with him for her interests.

Despite having already broken off their relationship, there was still a glimmer of hope for reconciliation. However, Brenna truly wanted to cut all ties with him this time.

Sherman looked at Laney, Gianna, and Calvin, took a deep breath, and said thoughtfully, "It's been an exhausting day. Let's go back and rest. Tomorrow, I'll go to Geller's villa and give that stuff to you."

For a moment, Sherman stared at Brenna, "Since you've chosen to abandon me, let's call a lawyer tomorrow and make it official. That's it."

Sherman left with Gianna and the others without waiting for Brenna to respond.

Outside the hotel, the sunlight was dazzling, and it felt warm. Sherman's eyes were moist as he stood under the sun, not saying a word.

Laney and Gianna stood beside him, not disturbing him.

Calvin was still young and didn't understand why his dad was sad, but he tugged at Sherman's hand, "Daddy, don't cry. I will always be here for you."

Sherman was brought back to reality by Calvin's voice. He gently touched Calvin's head and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. "I am not crying; there's just some sand in my eyes."

Laney held his hand, speaking softly, "Sherman, let's go home."

Sherman nodded, "Okay! Let's go home."

At that moment, he suddenly understood.

What's there to be upset about?

What's there to be sad about?

He had a wife, a daughter, and a son. Now he was even working at Ferne Group. Gia was engaged to Lloyd, and Damian treated her very well. Calvin was attending Rheinsville Kindergarten. As for Laila, she also had a boyfriend, and they were getting married in a couple of days. Their days would keep getting better.

When he lived in the Geller's villa, he had always been someone who silently gave without receiving any love, and even his children were treated that way. People only looked down on them. Now that he had left the Geller family, his son became happy, and no one mocked his daughter anymore. It was such a simple and happy life, which was all he ever wanted.

Whether the Geller family disowned him or not didn't matter anymore.

Inside the hotel.

After Sherman and his family left, Enrique approached Brenna and asked worriedly, "Mom, do you think Sherman will give you that stuff?"


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