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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Keep An Eye on My Father-in-Law


After the Finley family members left the hotel, they quickened their pace to catch up with Damian.

Lloyd, Irvin, and Murray walked behind.

When they saw the cars in front leaving, Lloyd stopped and said to Murray, "Keep an eye on Sherman."

Murray didn't quite understand.

Irvin was also confused, but he directly asked, "Are you serious? You just got engaged to his daughter, and now you're keeping an eye on your father-in-law? Are you planning to sabotage your relationship?"

Lloyd glanced at him without much expression and said, "He might have the potion."

Irvin and Murray widened their eyes, looking at him in disbelief.

After a while, Irvin finally returned to his senses, "The potion? Sherman? Are you serious?"

Sherman came from the Geller family, but he appeared quite ordinary. How could such an important thing as the potion be in his hands?

Lloyd pursed his lips, his stern face showing no emotions, "I found out that the potion is related to Gianna's mother. Sherman will give something to Brenna, and it's likely the potion."

"Then what are you waiting for? We should find him right away! How can we let him give the potion to Brenna? Is he trying to get himself killed?" Irvin was getting anxious.

The potion was a vital thing and was bound to cause a stir.

Orders had been given to find the potion, even at the cost of their lives.

GT Organization had sent assassins, and they were already in Rheinsville City. Whoever had the potion would undoubtedly die.

Besides, several other groups of people were also searching for the potion. Whoever had it was holding a hot potato.

If Sherman possessed it, didn't hide it properly, and even publicly mentioned giving it to Brenna, it was like he was asking for trouble.

"We can't go!" Lloyd said in a low voice, "We are not sure if what he wants to give Brenna is the potion, and we're not sure if he's as friendly as he appears. We can't let him know it."

Lloyd looked up and said to Murray, "You keep an eye on Sherman. Once you confirm that he's giving the potion to Brenna, seize it immediately!"

Stealing wasn't his usual way of doing things, but given the gravity of the situation and the need to avoid alerting anyone prematurely, they had no choice but to snatch it.

"Got it." Murray nodded solemnly.

Lloyd paused momentarily and added, "Don't do it yourself. Send someone else."

"I understand."

Fallingwater Community.

After returning home, Sherman called Gianna and said, "Gia, there's something I want to tell you."

Gianna stopped and sat on the sofa, "What is it?"

She had initially intended to ask Sherman what he would give to Brenna. Since Sherman had something to say, she wanted to hear him out first.

Over these days of interacting with Sherman, she felt that he was sincere.

However, she couldn't be sure when it came to the potion.


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