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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 89

Chapter 89 We Will Pay for the Bills

Ellen didn't expect the medicine to cost so much and couldn't make up her mind. Ellen had been cheated by Alisa once before, and since Gianna got a bad reputation, Ellen was afraid of being cheated again.

However, Nyla said without second thoughts, "We are willing to pay for the medicine. I think that's reasonable. Alisa didn't charge a penny but almost killed my granddaughter. You charged for Lilian's treatment, and Lilian is looking much better now, so we're willing to pay for it."

She did trust Riya. Anyone could lie to her, but Riya wouldn't. That was why she trusted Gianna's medical skills.

And she could tell that Gianna's treatment was different from the doctors at the hospital. Most importantly, Cassidy hadn't seen anything wrong with the prescription before, but Gianna had seen it right away.

If Gianna was not the real deal, she wouldn't be able to do that.

She thought it was justified that Gianna charged a high fee. The consultation fee was 85 thousand dollars and the rest was the cost of the medicine.

The consultation cost 85 thousand dollars, which was indeed much higher than the general consultation fee for doctors in hospitals. However, Gianna dared to charge 85 thousand dollars, which showed that she was confident in her medical skills.

The price of medicine was high, showing that the medicine she prescribed was potent. She knew that many rare medicines were expensive, so she thought the money would be worth it if Lilian's life could be saved and her face could be healed.

Gianna nodded. "Okay, let's wait another ten minutes. You'll pay after I remove the needles from Lilian. I'll come in and give Lilian acupuncture for the next three days. The pills need to be taken on an empty stomach at six o'clock in the morning. She needs to eat a light diet for a couple of days. You must open the window and let her get a breath of fresh air."

Gianna paused and then added, "Lilian can't keep taking the medication Alisa prescribed. If you don't listen to me, I will not be responsible for anything that happens to Lilian, and I will not continue to treat her."

Ellen agreed readily. "You can rest assured. Lilian almost died after taking Alisa's medicine. There's no way I'm going to give Lilian any more of her medicine."

Gianna fell silent after she merely said, "Mmm."

Ten minutes later, Gianna removed the needles from Lilian's body.

Lilian woke up. When she saw a stranger in the house, she panicked and shrunk to a corner, had her head down, and refused to let Gianna see her face.

Ellen got on the bed and hugged Lilian, crying, "Lilian, I'm sorry. It's my fault I didn't check out Alisa last time, and I made you suffer. But you can rest assured Ms. Geller is an excellent doctor. She saved your life. And she can fix your face."

"Mom, I'm done. I'm stopping the treatment." Lilian shook her head. She didn't look up because she was afraid someone would see her face.

"Lilian, don't be like this. It breaks my heart to see you like this. hard for mom to see..." Ellen cried even louder, "I want you to be fine and live like a normal person. I'm so worried about you!"

"Mom, I'm begging you. Don't pressure me. I really don't want any more treatment." Lilian cried, "If you push me again, I'll die!"

"How can I let you die? You are my life!"

Ellen and Lilian were hugging each other, breaking down and crying, and others couldn't chime in.

Gianna glanced at Lilian and said to Ellen, "Ms. Judd, let me talk to Ms. Pyne."

"It's..." Ellen hesitated. She couldn't forget the look of disgust in Alisa's eyes the last time she saw Lilian.

After that, Lilian was more self-abased. If Gianna messed with Lilian's self-esteem, she might not even have the courage to live.

"You just let Ms. Geller say a few words," Nyla said, "Since you let Ms. Geller cure Lilian, you have to trust her."

After a brief encounter with Gianna, Nyla realized that Gianna and Alisa were completely different people.

The Judd family had been on the rocks in the past few years, and Alisa literally looked down on them and was even more contemptuous of Lilian.

But from the moment Gianna walked in the door, she had such an expressionless face and didn't show any disgust in her eyes.

Somehow, Nyla was willing to trust Gianna.


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