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Her Cancellation of the Engagement novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Lilian Got Her Confidence Back 

After convincing Lilian, Gianna took the money Nyla paid for the consultation and medication and left. 

Riya followed after Gianna. 

"Gia, it's lunchtime. Shall I buy you lunch?" 

Before Gianna could refuse, Riya said, "I've been asking you to dinner before, but you haven't had time. I will feel so bad if I don't take you to lunch today." 

"Old Mrs. Levine, I'm sorry. I can't have lunch with you today. I asked Ms. Nash to save me some lunch. My family has never had leftovers." 

Riya was a little disappointed, but Gianna added, "Come eat lunch at my house if you don't mind. There're quite a lot of people eating at my house at noon. It's quite lively." 

Four people from the Finley family came to lunch. Irvin came by every now and then. Including the Geller family, there were nine people eating each meal. 

Riya's eyes lit up. "Can I go?" 

Riya was just too bored. She hit it off with Gianna. It didn't matter where she ate lunch, but it was nice to have someone to keep her company. 

"Sure." Gianna smiled, "Old Mrs. Levine, are you leaving in the same car as us or are you having your driver drive you there?" 

Gianna saw a private car parked not far away. That was the Levine family's car. Gianna had seen it at the hospital before. 

Riya saw Lloyd. "This is?" 

"He's my fiancé, Lloyd." 

"So he's from the Finley family..." The word loser almost came out of her mouth, and Riya hurriedly bit back the word she would like to have said. 

Lloyd smiled and greeted Riya politely. "Old Mrs. Levine, nice to meet you." 

Lloyd was polite and courteous, and Riya couldn't find fault with him. 

"Hello," Riya said. Then her eyes fell on Lloyd's leg, and with just one glance, Riya realized what had happened to Lloyd. 

Gianna had such good medical skills that she should be able to heal a cripple. Riya didn't ask too much about it. 

"I'll go back in the same car with you guys." With that, Riya got into Lloyd's car. 

At Judd's mansion. 

Lilian came out of her room once Gianna and the others had left. Lilian was not used to the harsh light but felt a lot better. 

Lilian walked into the living room and said to Nyla and Ellen, "Grandma, Mom! I'm sorry for making you worry. I will receive treatment from now on. Even if there is no cure, I won't be despondent anymore." 

Nyla happily said, "Good! Good! My good girl! Ms. Geller really has something. After all this time, your mother couldn't still get you out of the tragedy, but Ms. Geller let you move on with just a few words." 

Lilian smiled. Her smile looked a little ugly because of her facial disfigurement. "It's comforting to talk to Ms. Geller. She's right. It's not my face that's ugly, but those guys are ugly on the inside. Hiding is for the weak, but I am the granddaughter of the Judd family and the daughter of the Pyne family. I'm at the top of my class academically, and I have a pedigree that a lot of people can't compare to. That's what I'm proud of." 

"I shouldn't waste my own advantage. I have to stand up. Only if I'm good enough will those people stop laughing and look up to me." 

"Right! That's right!" Nyla praised. "You're right. Even if your face can't be cured, we have to let those people know that the Judd family's granddaughter is not a girl to be messed with." 

Lilian nodded and said to Ellen, "Mom, can you go to the bookstore with me later? I want to buy some books. I need to study." 


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